Woman robbed at knifepoint in the Back Bay, bystanders pursue attacker

Shortly before 1 p.m. in the area of Ring Road by the Pru. In the pursuit, he dropped both the purse and the knife.

Katie reports:

Tons of people running to catch someone ... Great to see a bunch of guys running after robber.

He's described as white, 5'8" to 5'10" with close-cropped hair and wearing black, knee-length shorts, white sneakers and a black backpack. He was last spotted turning from Boylston onto Fairfield, headed towards Newbury.



Free tagging: 


I actually did catch him

I was holding him and there was a bunch of people around me. But I let go and walked away to get back up the street and he took off again. I had him in my hands but I'm an idiot, sorry everyone.

I actually did catch him.

If one is going to get to the point of catching a perpetrator, and nailing him to the ground, wouldn't it make sense for someone present just to get some ID from his pocket while one of them is holding him down (assuming he carried one), in the event he tries to escape/escapes, as happened here? That way, the police would have at least known his identity, to arrest him later.