Fight, stabbing at Roslindale K of C

Police responded to the Knights of Columbus, 4192 Washington St., shortly after 11 p.m. for a fight. Not long after, a person with a stab wound showed up at Faulkner Hospital.



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KofC building is an eyesore

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KofC needs to relocate someplace else. That building is essentially a trash-strewn loading dock on what could otherwise be a block of nice retail frontage.

It's one of the gaping "holes" in the square.

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Great point. We've got

Great point. We've got Staples down there, Sugar, now even Bob's Pita Market. The area has potential for more.

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my guess

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area is zoned for 3 stories and there is currently high demand for non-street level office-space in the square. I'm thinking owner is exploring options.

The inside of that space need some serious work.

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I tho9ught this was being reopened "under new management" in due course?

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