Three Dorchester teens learn delivery drivers get suspicious of customers who tell them to bring change for a hundred

Boston Police report arresting three Dorchester 15-year-olds on attempted armed robbery charges after they allegedly tried to lure the delivery guy for a local pizza place into a holdup.

Police say the three placed an order with a Hi-Fi Pizza around 10:45 p.m. yesterday for delivery near Erie Street and Michigan Avenue:

The victim stated he received a request for delivery and was told by the caller to “bring change for $100.00”. The victim expressed concern that he might be robbed and contacted the caller when he arrived at the location. At the same time the victim observed a male walk from the side of the house, seconds later a second male walked from the same side of the property with a black firearm in his hand, accompanied by a third male. The victim stated he was in fear of an imminent robbery, fled from Ellington Street and called 911.

Police say officers were still interviewing the victim when the three alleged losers happened to walk right by them:

The victim was able to positively identify all three as the suspects who had attempted to rob him.

Innocent, etc.



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15 years old?

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Wow, I bet they have a bright future! And what did their parent(s) have to say?

If the little hoodrat wants $100 badly enough

I'll pay him $100 to freeze some sperm and then get a vasectomy. Anything that will create an obstacle (but not a permanent barrier, that's a little too far for a teenager) to breeding for this awful young man is good for our community.

Actually, I bet there are

Actually, I bet there are plenty of poor teens out there who would love to take you up on that offer, but I assume you're full of shit, as per usual.

Well, I'm not made of money

It's a one-time offer. But I'll put $100 where my mouth is. Reducing breeding is great public policy. Of course, no politician will ever run on that platform, but I'm a private citizen and will donate the $100 to this cause one time. Our country can't/won't heal, educate, and employ the people we have now. It's simply foolhardy to expand that.

Great public policy?

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Malthusians think this is great public policy until they realize that there is no way that the country stays solvent unless the birthrate increases and/or we have increased immigration combined with a reduction in government entitlements (at least for those still young enough to plan accordingly).

Do people get what they need?

I simply can't wrap my brain around how increasing population any further is any good.

If there were two people on Earth, everybody would have everything they need.

If there were 1 million people on Earth, would everybody have everything they need?

With 7 billion people on Earth, does everybody have everything they need?

What is the maximum number of people we can have to eliminate the concept of poverty?

you might like

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google "georgia guidestones"
there are some other rules on them you might like.

Not a bad idea for everybody

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We give, say, $1000 to anyone willing to get a vasectomy and we freeze their sperm. If later they want some back we charge $1000.

$1000 up front will be most appealing to those least likely because of age, temperament, or finances to be good fathers. When they've settled down and have the emotional and financial wherewithal to make a genuine commitment to fatherhood then $1000 will seem like a bargain. Everybody comes out ahead.

Confined to home except for school

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Judge Joseph Johnston of the Dorchester juvenile session imposed no cash bail but ordered the three confined to house arrest except for school, to wear GPS devices and to stay away from the victim, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which adds it had sought bail of $1,000 each.