Man shot at Ashmont T stop

At least twice, around 8:15 p.m., Brian D'Amico reports. A third bullet wound up in a passing car.

Transit Police report "a series of gunshots," say the man, 20, was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive.



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This area has seen the

This area has seen the presence of many congregating lately and the presence of many detectives even before the shooting. There is definitely something brewing near that ashmont area and no doubt this is most likely gang related.


I walked by not long after,

I walked by not long after, and there was police tape and markers for what I presume were shell casings right outside the main entrance that leads to the stairs up to Ashmont Street. I wonder if there are laws on the books that provide stiffer penalties for discharging a weapon within X yards of a major transportation hub, where large crowds of innocents come and go?

OK, so here is another

OK, so here is another example. Gangbangers congregating in Ashmont, across from Ashmont. Loitering outside of the pizza shop and liquor store. Went to get my nails done and needed an escort. Those business owners need to complain about the HUGE number of teens congregating, hang up no loitering signs and then the Boston Police should do their job. Before something serious happens in Ashmont. They know whats going on........