Man pistol whippped, stripped of clothes at gunpoint in Roslindale robbery

A group of men robbed a man around 10:30 p.m., Thursday on the Blakemore Street bridge over the train tracks. He was beaten with a gun, then ordered to take off his clothes - which the group then threw over the side of the bridge.

This robbery was around the same time a clerk at a Washington Street liquor store was also being pistol whipped and robbed.



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That suck anyways

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a lot of people dont know there is an underground tunnel from HP Ave to Wash. St.. Wash St. side is closed up completely, but you can still sneak in on the HP side.

I used to live around there,

I used to live around there, and I'm blanking on where there could possibly be a tunnel. Where would it go? The tracks are almost in a cut at that point because of the grade change.

CORRECTION: Blakemore Street

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CORRECTION: Blakemore Street Bridge connects Hyde Park Ave. and Florence Street both in Roslindale. The tunnel in question connected Hyde Park Ave., opp. Woodbourne Rd., (next to the Pagel Soccer Fields) and Archdale/Washington St.

According to GoogleMaps,

According to GoogleMaps, Woodbourne Road is on the other side of HPA from the train tracks, up by Forest Hills Cemetery. I'm still not sure where this tunnel is/was. Are you, by any chance, talking about the old pedestrian bridge over the train tracks up by Ukraine Way?


Remains of the pedesstrian bridge are gone

They were taken down overnight months and months ago. I believe I had heard of a pedestrian tunnel closer to the Pagel Playground (also blocked off, due to bad things happening there). Maybe there was another one a few blocks further south.

The tunnel was...

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The tunnel was adjacent to Pagel playground on the north side of the field. It ran from a walkway at the traffic light at Woodborne, under the tracks, and came out at Brookay Rd near Archdale in the housing development. It was sealed some years ago.

Blakemore Street was for many years just the bridge. Only in the last 2 decades were homes actually addressed on it, and those are the 2 homes on the south side of the street. The condo building on the north side is actually 229 Florence.

Blakemore connects Florence at Ridge by the convenience store to Hyde Park Ave at about #435.

For many years the area neighborhood association had been fighting for better lighting on the bridge but they have been tole that is not possible since brighter lights would be a problem for oncoming trains and visibility. At least it was painted a battleship gray instead of the bilious dark green that sucked up what ever light was available for many years.

The bridge is one of a handful that is actually owned by the City of Boston. Other bridges in the area fall under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It has been a troubled spot at times and is often littered with liquor bottles from people who have made purchases at Tops Liquors and found a sheltered (from view) place to tie one on.

My son was held up ay knife-point there some years back but a passing police cruiser saw that as they were passing and that was the end of that - case closed.

My wide however was followed home from there and held up at gunpoint a short distance from the bridge.

The metal shields erected by Amtrak as pedestrian shields to prevent access to the high voltage train wires, coupled with the bridge's buttress design creates a virtual trench one must walk through which passing cars cannot see.

Tree branches extending out from the private homes and the condo complex also block what little street lighting is there. When asked fi the city could do something, they said 'no.' The private land owners would have to trim the branches.

Clearly it is time to renew the neighborhood association's interest.

DMK ..for all the reasons

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DMK ..for all the reasons you stated ,the bridge is the perfect place to get robbed . Is there a neighborhood association ? I've gone to meetings in the past at the Hyde Park police station which is handling my son's assault ... any info you could provide would be much appreciated


police really need to patrol this area

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there's a lot of drug dealing happening on or just off florence street. This has been going on for years - they used to do it up on the hill, but this stopped after that big drug bust (and since more people have started parking their cars on the street). next time I see cars idling around there at weird hours I'm calling the cops. I'm sick of this - this garbage does not belong in this neighborhood.


Don't know if this is the

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Don't know if this is the work of drug dealers though. Robbing and beating people is bad for business. I'm not a "guns are the answer" type by any stretch, but the world could use a few more Bernie Goetz's


Blakemore street bridge

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Used to be connected to the Old Mt Hope station ,not to nitpick but shouldn't the transit police be investigating this brutal attack on an MBTA bridge. Can anyone explain how the different police departments investigate crimes on MBTA property?


Blakemore is owned by the City

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It was established many years back in neighborhood meetings and when Amtrak electrified the tracks that Blakemore Street Bridge is owned by the City of Boston, so BPD has full jurisdiction.

The victim of this crime is

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The victim of this crime is my son .... they weren't the usual kids that hang in that area ....he walks that bridge every night ...there were similar crimes all over Roslindale on Halloween night

I wonder if....

...some gang (or gang) chose to make Halloween a night for would-be members to "prove themselves" by committing attacks on others?