One stabbed, one beaten in South Boston attack

Gates Street scene. Photo by Brian Fluharty.

Police are looking for several white teens for an attack around 9 p.m. outside 10 Gates St. that sent one victim to the hospital with stab wounds to the back. A second victim was punched.

The attackers, some of whom may have been on bicycles, fled onto Dorchester Street.



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SBYuppie your comments about a woman who was murdered are pathetic. You are an embarrassment to all yuppies and the human race in general. Return to whatever cave or hole in the ground you crawled out from.


Not sure what your problem is

Not sure what your problem is. The OP stated that if the victim wasn't white the media wouldn't care. I simply gave an example that proved the OP was wrong.

(Thoughts and prayers for Amy her and fam).

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

SoBo Yuppie

Work on your grammar-writing skills SoBo yuppie, because what you wrote was that Amy was "another ignorant townie" .

If you meant to insult the person who made the comment about media coverage, as an FYI 1) "Townies" is the term used by or about from Charlestown, not Southie.

And, there has been no additional coverage...



I have lived all round the US. The term "townies" is used as a pejorative for anyone stuck in the small world they grew up in, regardless of where it is.

In other places

A "townie" usually refers to someone living in a low population, isolated community who never gets out of town. Not someone living in a smallish chunk of a major city with public transit, big libraries, museums, etc.

As a Southie born and Townie

As a Southie born and Townie bred person In Boston a townie is from Charlestown. We also understand that anywhere else, the general defintion applies.People who move in to our communties are coming for some type of appeal to towns way of life. This is only one reason outsiders aren't welcome and should leave or start to adapt to our lifestyle. Yuppies OUT!!!!!!

Shut it

You're obviously not from around here so STFU and MYOB.

And no, I don't spend my time trolling these comments so I'm not up on your moronic in-jokes. I only came here to see if there was any new info on a brutal attack that happened less than a block from my house.

So 2 young residents are

So 2 young residents are beaten & stabbed on Gates St. & reading these comments is making me sick. I was looking for updates on whether these criminals have been arrested yet? What is the status of the victims?
Sorry to interrupt your little yuppie v local war (which is only in your mind, hence: little & the only place you've fought anything).

White teens

Why does this publication (and most others for that matter) only mention the assailants color when they are white? Should we just assume when no color is mentioned that they are black or hispanic?