Teen robbed of phone near Fallon Field in Roslindale, maybe at gunpoint

Boston Police are looking for two teens for an armed holdup around 9 p.m. at Congreve and South streets in Roslindale.

Both are described as black and about 5'5". One wore a gray hoodie and dark nylon pants and stuck something in the victim's stomach that he said felt like the barrel of a gun before making off with his Samsung phone. They may be riding a stolen BMX bike with two orange chains wrapped around it.

Two teens were robbed at gunpoint in Fallon Field on Halloween.



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    Is this a small group of ne'er do wells causing all these problems or is there something larger going on in terms of crime trends here?

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    Juveniles becoming more brazen

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    with the full knowledge that, if they get caught, they get a slap on the wrist, a sealed record, and their identities aren't released to the public. It's a broken "justice" system that's long outlasted its usefulness and, in the interest of true fairness for al (as provided for in the Constitution)l, should be abolished.

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