Police warn of armed street robberies in Dorchester

Boston Police report they are investigating a spate of robberies in which people are being robbed of phones and cash at knife- or scissorpoint.

Police report four such robberies this month:

  • Sawyer Avenue, 11/2, 1:16 a.m. Woman held up by man with pair of scissors who got her iPhone 5.
  • 750 Washington St., 11/4, 4:23 p.m. Man robbed of iPod Touch at knifepoint.
  • Rowena Street , 11/6, 8:04 p.m., Man looking at iPhone as he exited rear of Ashmont station approached by two men, one with a knife, who demanded his money and his phone.
  • Sydney Street, 11/17, 12:06 a.m. Woman walking from JFK/UMass T stop approached from behind by two men, who put something hard to the back of her head and demanded her money and phone.



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Willing to murder someone over a phone that might get them $50 from a local fence. And instead of locking them up and throwing away the key first time they're caught in the act, we keep playing catch and release until they do murder someone.


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Maybe pack rocks. Although if they have paper you're out of luck.

I'm working on a prototype

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I'm working on a prototype that is filled with napalm that can be ignited remotely after a theft. You're welcome Apple!

Wait a sec. I thought we were

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Wait a sec. I thought we were making fun of the frogs the other day for warning their nationals about this very thing.


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Great!!! More Low Life Unemployed Scumbags stealing property & $$$ from those of us whole work our asses off for our things!!! Hope they ROT IN HELL!!!

cell phone bandits

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These bandits have also been targeting asain females in the fields corner area and Shawmut neighborhood following them the subway stations according to a Trooper who patrols the area.


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Unfortunately this will keep happening as long as they can operate with complete impunity, they won't think twice until one of them is found with a hole in his head. Jail isn't much of a deterrent, more of a rite of passage - if they end up going there in the first place, that is, which is usually not the case in the land of judge dougans and $100 bails.