Two shot, car into building near Codman Square

Police swarmed the area around Norfolk and Withington streets, where two men were found shot, one in the back and one in the hand, around 10:30 p.m. A car with bullet holes was found crashed into a building. Norfolk was shut between Talbot and Woodrow for the investigation.



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Codman square to Ashmont

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This is so sad that in neighborhoods more diverse than anywhere in the city are under siege by an ongoing gang war that the media ignores along with the black ministers and the elected officials.

lol theres no "WAR" going on

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lol theres no "WAR" going on in that area please look at the homicide map to show you people ARE NOT getting killed in that area on a regular basis and basically at all.

Boston should be lucky most people only get shot in the hand or shot AT....there hasnt even been 40 murders this year there are cities in this country with the population of QUINCY with more murders than Boston....a major northeast city. until Boston sees 90+ murders a year(never going to happen) then worry but until then calling a couple people shot in a major city is FAR FROM a gang war.

5 people been shot and 1

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5 people been shot and 1 murdered just in that area this week sorry but that's not normal and there has been 40 homicides people still punch ya head in in Boston cause were not a bunch of cowards like other cities cause they can't fight

gang war

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It should not matter if anyone is shot or murdered or how large the city is,just the fact alone is enough for concern let it end up being ur ass that get shot your hole attitude will change or let it be someone that you care are an IDIOT!!!!

You're only looking at

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You're only looking at homicides though which are not indicative of the level of gun violence. We have great medical centers in this city that prevent a lot of shootings from becoming fatal. But that doesn't change the intent of the act. It just means the person was likely not trained in the skill of shooting at a fast moving target at night. Please look at the frequency of non-fatal shootings in this city and you'll see a whole different story.