Bouncer at Cure kicks patron while he's down; now he's an ex-bouncer

A bouncer at the Theater District club who had just exchanged punches with an irate customer kicked the man in the face while he was lying on the ground in the process of being arrested, police and the club's general manager told the Boston Licensing Board today.

According to police, an officer on a Theater District patrol around 1 a.m. noticed a fight around 1:50 a.m. at Cure, 246 Tremont St. He rushed over as a bouncer and a patron were punching each other in the face. The officer separated the two and was in the process of arresting the patron when the bouncer kicked the man in the face with one of his black boots.

Police then arrested the bouncer on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - his shod foot. The customer also faces assault and battery charges.

Cure General Manager Miller Thomas acknowledged the incident - although he said that while he saw the punches, he did not see the kick. On learning of the kicking, he said he fired the bouncer.

Thomas said the patron had been kicked out of the bar earlier in the evening for being "disruptive" - he kept bumping into people - Miller said. He seemed to leave the area, but then returned shortly before closing and tried to get back in the club, Thomas said. The bouncer refused to let him back, his pleading turned into an argument and then into fisticuffs, Miller said.

Miller said the bouncer had been with him for a number of years, had always been calm and had, in fact, defused a number of volatile situations in the past. The violence on his part "was really out of the blue," Miller said, adding the bouncer was very apologetic the next day for losing his cool. But that was too late, Miller said: "We can't have that."

The board decides what punishment, if any, to levy for the Sept. 15 incident on Thursday.



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That is nasty!

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It's too bad that the guy lost his job as a bouncer, but he (the bouncer) shouldn't have lost his cool by punching and kicking the miscreant.

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