At one Hyde Park birthday party, it wasn't just the cake that got sliced

A woman's night out for her birthday ended with a stabbing that landed a Fairmount Avenue restaurant before the Boston Licensing Board yesterday.

The board decides tomorrow whether to take any action against the Rincon Caribeno for an argument inside that ended up as a bloody brawl outside that sent one man to the hospital with a stab wound.

According to police and owner Javier Diaz, the party, which began with about 10 people around 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 9, seemed to be going well.

"Everybody was having a good time, everybody was eating and drinking," Diaz said. But around 11:30 p.m., with the celebration now up to about 25 people, some sort of argument got heated and people rushed outside, where they began pushing and shoving each other as they spilled across Fairmount Avenue, he said.

Police say surveillance video show a group of men ganging up on one man on the street. A knife came out. The man got stabbed.

A BPD sergeant told the board there probably wasn't anything Diaz could have done to prevent the fight, although he said a doorman at the small restaurant might have helped break up the fight before the bloodshed. He added that the victim was unable to help them later pick out his assailant from photos because he was too inebriated at the time to tell who attacked him.

City Councilors Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park) and Steve Murphy (at large) pleaded with the board to not punish Diaz for what they said was an isolated incident. Both said Diaz has a good record and is, as Consalvo said, "a respected member of our business community" and very active in local affairs.



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People were pushing and shoving

as they crossed Fairmont Avenue.. But in that grand old Boston tradition of making work to keep a needles and wasteful bureauracy (the Licensing Board) alive, let's go ahead and punish the establishment for actions of individual adults that occurred outside the restaurant.


Oh good!

Let's drag the establishment owner into court and wag our fingers at them.

Seriously, how is it even remotely their responsibility? Were they sponsoring cage matches and encouraging gambling?