Brawl, stabbing, bleaching shut Washington Street in Codman Square

The scene on Washington. Photo by Cinnamngrl.

A brawl that started on a 23 bus, then spilled onto Washington Street, brought both Boston and Transit police racing to the scene around 4:10 p.m. One person received a minor stab wound to the back of the neck near Dorchester District Court, Transit Police report, adding another person had bleach poured on him.

The stabbing victim was taken to a local hospital; the bleaching victim was treated at the scene by Boston EMTs.

Police shut Washington between Melville and Park as they investigated. At least one person was arrested.



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What's with thugs throwing

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What's with thugs throwing bleach at people on the 23/28 buses?

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I often see people slathering themselves with Purel while riding on the subway. Sodium Hypochlorite is another powerful disinfectant; it's much less expensive and comes in a wider assortment of flavors including lemon and orange. When used full-strength however, chlorine bleach can have unpleasant side effects and shouldn't be applied to mucous membranes or hair. Personally, I just make a habit of always washing my hands with plain old soap and water as soon as possible after touching any MBTA vehicle. It's really much better (and safer) than bathing in Purel or any flavor of bleach.

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So the guy is just really OCD about his germs huh?

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So you think the guy went OCD on people trying to disinfect them. What a noble thing to do. Reeeeeeeally don't think that's what going on here, chief.

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So, if the brawl

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started on a Number 23 bus, does that mean that the MBTA will have to appear before the Licensing Board to explain why their employee did nothing to stop it?

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Two opposing groups

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In police jargon are we talking about a gang war? Aren't the police supposed to be riding buses and aren't those buses equipped with cameras. When is the bus drivers union going to demand police on buses!

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The brawl on the bus should have been captured on T-TV, the T should release the video to the public. You can be sure the brawl will be posted on world stare hip hop or facebook before the local media with the exception of the universal hub covers the story.

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necn asked for permission to use the photo

but I won't hold my breath. its not a good picture I am surprised that none of the crowds of people kicked off the 5 or 6 buses that got stuck while they contained the scene posted a better pic. I would also like to thank elmer for general randomness.

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Coincidentally Random

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Your timely picture definitely sets the scene; it enhances what would otherwise be only written information!

I had not realized the coincident randomness of knives and bleach (or the lack of bleach) between this post and another about High Gluten Flour. He may be "Unbleached Forever!", but when children wield sharp knives someone usually gets stabbed!

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