Gunfight in Dorchester kills suspect, sends cop to hospital

Shortly after 1 p.m. at Geneva Avenue and Westville Street, according to Stephen Walsh.

Boston Police report the suspect exchanged shots with a member of the department's Youth Violence Strike Force. He died; the officer was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm and is expected to survive.



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What no comments yet ? The

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What no comments yet ? The contract story broke within 20 minutes of the vote and had 75 comments ripping the cops . Cop gets shot and nobody gives a shit ? How much would it cost for you clowns to chase down an armed gunman and take a bullet ? You are all Internet loudmouths .

facts versus hyperbole

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Let's compare the number of Boston residents who have taken bullets, versus the number of Boston police officers, in the last ten years.

BPD: half a dozen in the last ten years, none fatal?
Boston residents: four a month that result in fatalities; a dozen more a month that don't.

The homicide victim rate for police, both on and off the job, nationally, is one third the general population; if you're LEO, you are a protected class.

The greatest lie ever told by police is that police work is "dangerous." For most police, the primary source of danger comes from traffic collisions.

Here's the list of deadliest jobs in the US:
5.Structural steel workers
6.Garbage collectors
7.Electrical line workers
8.Delivery/truck drivers
9.Ranch/farm/agri workers
10.Construction workers

Notice something missing? Oh yeah: police, fire, etc. Those supposedly "dangerous" jobs full of people "putting their life on the line." And they sure as hell aren't doing it to "protect" you; decades ago the courts ruled that police have no responsibility to protect citizens.

I don't see anyone getting all misty-eyed about the guys putting their lives on the line to put your salad on your table. Think about that real hard: it's more dangerous providing you with food, a roof over your head, keeping your lights on, and picking up your garbage....than it is providing police services.

I'll bite.

Which one of those jobs:

1. Could you do?
2. Would you do?
3. Be scared doing?

I could do every one of those jobs (I was a roofer for many years) except for maybe a pilot. If I were asked of forced ( wartime or something like that), I could probably be a pilot too.

I would do them all as well, except be a pilot. Not sure if I would get too sea sick or not though either. I'd actually love to be a logger if I had the chance.

Scared? Again, except being a pilot, do any of those jobs give you second thoughts that you might get scared? I guess you could be afraid of heights, but have you ever chased someone down a dark alley by yourself in Boston by yourself at night after a shooting? These are the things that my roofer and construction friends say they wouldn't want to do. You could throw all the top ten lists of dangerous jobs you want out there, and they still wouldnt want to be a cop.

So yea, being a cop isn't dangerous if you look at the statistics anon on sun. But if you looked at yourself and what you do in life? I bet it doesn't compare to being a cop, or any of those jobs listed above.

the non-argument

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Your entire argument is summed as: "Here, let me refute your statistics, using people's personal emotions and false impressions about how dangerous police work is."

Any of your construction or roofer buddies scared of flying? They're an order of magnitude or two safer in that plane than they are driving to their next job.

Any of your (probably male) construction or roofer buddies walk their lady friends/dates home because "it's dangerous"? They're 2-3x more likely to be a victim of violent crime than the woman they're walking home.

I'm not refuting anything.....

Just presenting things to you so you can look at yourself in the mirror. And nowhere did I say doing anything was dangerous, I was saying that some people do jobs for different reasons, and some people don't do jobs for other reasons. Again, ask yourself what you do, and what kind of person you are. By looking at your comments below, it is clear that you are a pretty small person who doesn't really have a grasp on reality or life in general.

cops jobs are dangerous when?

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a cops job is really only dangerous when a officer has a hunch of illegal activity(which isn't enough for probable cause to arrest and investigate i believe). i would like to know if they had a valid reason to stop the suspect because if he did not this incident could've been prevented. the best way to curve crime is prevention and to break a constitutional or civil right to uphold state law is a crime itself. i feel the punishment for officers violating civil liberties should be prison time because how can a society function with common use of false justice prevalent in today's world. i felt if the harassment in the urban centers were fairly spead throughout boston downtown's business district then this issue of illegal search and seizures of people mainly black will cease to exist. im just saying a man sprinting on blue hill ave at anytime is a suspect and a man sprinting through the north end is a jogging. double standard not racism i guess.

Wish the officer a speedy recovery

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And it's a damn shame that worthless POS lived long enough to be carted off to a hospital, costing the taxpayers a pretty penny in the process. Looking on the bright side, it's probably still cheaper than keeping him in jail, paying to fix up thugs he shoots or to fix him up after he gets shot by thugs once he gets out, locking him up again, etc.

You have absolutely no idea

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You have absolutely no idea who the young man was, where he came from, his background, story, or the reason he was the way he was. Keep your ignorant ass comments to yourself

Well according to the Globe

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They were "well known." And I HIGHLY doubt it was for their contributions to the community.

I just walked by the BMC Emergency Room

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On my way back from the pool, and there were a at least seven police cars and some worried looking people, who I assumed to be family members, being escorted in by some cops. Their faces didn't seem to be despair, so I hope that means the cop will be all right.

Prayers to both officers

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We can't pay police enough. Shame on Menino, tens of millions in tax breaks for wealthy developer friends in phony "blighted" areas while fighting police who merely seek pay equal to firefighters.

Funny how the high value

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Funny how the high value development areas are "blighted" and given handouts for new development. Meanwhile the real blighted areas in the city don't get a dime to encourage landlords, developers, and businesses to invest in improving things.


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Areas receive more funding than most other residential communities in boston.

Oh boy

That's my bus stop!

Just started working at a school in the area a few weeks ago. Not the safest area.


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It's a tough world where you have to worry about stuff like this! Sad. I've been in a similar position; wondering about the safety of a place I travel for work. I usually conclude that even though it is a high-crime area, travelling day-by-day is usually comfortable and friendly. If a particular bus stop feels uncomfortable you might take another bus line or get off at a different stop; but hopefully you'll feel comfortable in the neighborhood & school overall.


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People are so quick to get on this page and comment about a situation they no nothing about. Do you know the facts? Don't always go on something that the news report or go on hearsay. How do you know that the man that was murdered was a "thug"? Then to say that they wasted their time taking him to the hospital ans trying to save his life!!! Shame on you.... He has family too, that I'm sure are going to be grieving his loss forever. I'm very happy to hear that the police officer injured is going to be okay. I'm also going to pray for the murdered victim. Let' s just hear the story before so many people jump yo conclusions


The shooting of a police officer leads me to believe the gentleman that died may not be the nicest person.

Shooting a cop

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Absolutely makes you a thug, 100 times out of 100 times.

Excuse me?

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Murder victim? What murder victim? You mean that gainfully employed, hard-working, never-arrested, law-abiding, rent/mortgage-paying guy who tried to defend himself from evil cops using his legally obtained, licensed and registered firearm and got shot in the process? That would be a murder victim, in this case it was a worthless gangbanger piece of trash who ended up fatally ODing on speeding lead chunks thanks to those two cops. And if he didn't, there would have been a murder victim, murdered by this POS.


I'm actually happy now that Stacey called that guy a "murder victim", because it gave me the opportunity to read that awesome response. No sarcasm here. Just props. +1 anon, +1!!!

He wasn't murdered and he

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He wasn't murdered and he most certainly is not a victim . The real victims are the good people of the neighborhood that he turned into a combat zone . He fired first at the police officers and they finished it . Live by the gun and die by the gun. . Stacey you are a moron.

It is mind blowing how people

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It is mind blowing how people defend criminals over cops around here. If you get into a gun fight with a police office you're gonna have a bad time. There is really no reason to be shooting a gun at police officers.

Holy crap

When I first moved to Boston, I lived in a shitty little flat at 153 Westville. My first night in that flat, a kid was killed around the corner in front of his parents' store on Geneva, in a case of mistaken identity (his older brother was believed to have been a witness to an earlier shooting. I want to say the kid's name was Junior Fernandez, or something like that. This was some time around February 1990).

I moved out as soon as I could afford to because the whole neighborhood felt like it just hadn't caught a break in a very long time, and didn't seem like it was going to catch one any time soon. Looks like they're still waiting.

It must be

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All those punk West Roxbury kids ruining that neighborhood.

out of towner naivete

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Didn't do your research huh? Saw a great deal on rent and jumped on it? Had a friend moving here from California tell me the same thing. Asked me about all these low priced condos he's seeing online, and then ask if East Boston is a good place to live. Thought he might "invest" because he was getting a steal of a deal. Hahahaha.

Don't believe people!

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I usually don't comment on these things but this one bothered me and reading some of comments. People should be a shamed of themselves especially if they don't know the whole situation! I didn't know the individual at all but I do know that he was already dead lying on the ground for a while before being taking to the hospital which disturbed me. So for the person who called him a POS and that they wasted their time shame on you. That was someone's kid whether he was a gangbanger or not. It's really a shame. I'm hoping the cop will be ok. I didn't know a cop was involved. SMDH!

Thugophiles like the moron above

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Would really benefit from an unforeseen encounter with the objects of their affection alone late at night, on a poorly lit street. That would set them straight in a hurry - if they live through it, that is. Gangbanger thugs usually don't place much value on human life, as we were all shown by this POS. Luckily, they also have pretty bad aim most of the time.

Internet Cowards

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Im a victim of a shooting in boston,i've also lost friends and family member to shootings you people are so comfortable behind a keyboard with your disrespectful remarks and pass judgement but one day hopefully you will understand,its funny because you are prob innur cosy home drinking coffee while these kids are out here dying fyi police arent always right. Another fyi u wouldnt last an hr on these streets if you were in the position of some of these kids. From me to you give back if you wanna see a change if not dont be upset if someone takes what you have because everyone has to eat and ur so much better it wouldnt affect you. COWARDS


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He pulled a GUN, don't try and place blame on others. This guy was a looser and he lost his life for it. Every action has a reaction.

Don't step in your own bullshit

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"I'm a victim of a shooting in Boston, I've also lost friends and family member to shootings "

Sounds like you need to walk away from a life of crime and find some better friends.

"disrespectful remarks"

Another thug illegally carrying a firearm shoots a cop and we are supposed to have "respect" for him? Fuck him!

"kids are out here dying"

No shit. They are murdering each other OVER NOTHING while their peers are either working, studying, or sleeping in preparation for the school day. It's their own fault

"From me to you give back if you wanna see a change if not dont be upset if someone takes what you have because everyone has to eat and ur so much better it wouldnt affect you."

Give back? Give back what? We are the ones that WORK for a living. We have never taken anything and quite frankly the is nothing to take from lowlifes that produce nothing but death and misery. These thugs aren't robbing for food its all a dick measuring contest for people with no accomplishments in life beyond a rap sheet.

Go back under your bridge troll.


just stop man.....Boston is

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just stop man.....Boston is so safe now you can go to any street at any time of day and not be a victim of crime. Boston has one of the lowest murder rates of any city over 250k people right now. in the 90's sure it was worse but since 1997+ its been soft as baby crap. these streets are not tough anymore deal with it.

Hmmm. I'm the moron

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I'm the moron but your the one commenting in ignorance which makes Y0U the moron. I doubt you was there so your whole comment is based on speculation. It isn't about who started it nor finished it. My comments were based on people analyzing a situation without knowing the facts. I pray the one of your loved ones won't die in a situation like this ans become labeled afterwards. You don't know the facts about what happened. Your typing out of pure hatred and ignorance and it's sickening. A young man loss his life today whether he was in the right or wrong. There's no right in that situation. A cop was also shot, no right in that situation either

"A young man loss his life

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"A young man loss his life today whether he was in the right or wrong. There's no right in that situation."

Yes there is. If you a murderous scumbag that doesn't value the life of innocent people then society has no reason to value your life.

The tolerance of these violent anti-social cretins is destroying the lives and neighborhoods of innocent people on a daily basis. Society shouldn't tolerate them. Doing so condones their behavior.

We put down dogs for less violent behavior than many of these career lowlifes terrorizing neighborhoods.

You would rather we be mourning a cop?

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Look, the untimely passing of anyone is sad, but shooting at a cop usually ends bad for the shooter. Heck, there's a phrase "suicide by cop". At the end of the day, someone who dies while shooting at a cop is going out with bad PR, regardless of how nice they were otherwise.

He shot a cop, the person there to theoretically protect us. That is the fact we know. That's why the venom is out there.


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I think all of us, me included, need a little more compassion for everyone. If we were all a little more humanistic and could see the humanity in everyone, we would be doing a lot better.


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For someone who attempted to MURDER a cop, sorry I don't have any.

I was there seen the whole

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I was there seen the whole thing cop walked up on kid kid pulls out cop pulls out kid let one or two out cop gave him a str8 head shot he was on side walk for 6 hours after he did not make it to the Hospital they didn't take him to no damn hospital thug or not you fuckers run your fingers to much what if it was your brother son think about what you type fact you would not say shit if you was around fucking coward


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My tax dollars are clothing, feeding and housing that?

My point exactly the vast

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My point exactly the vast majority of people commenting was not there including me. I never said the deceased was right in the least bit. Unless you were there you will never know the definite facts. I have heard and read that after the police shot that young man, they left that man on the ground with no assistance. But I bet they rushed the officer off to the hospital immediately. That young man deserved a right to make it to. But I bet the officer would probably get a pat on the back or a damn medal for killing this "thug"! While his family has to bury him and mourn his loss. If this would have happened in a less violent area, people on here would have been screaming police brutality..All I'm saying is have some compassion for his family.Thug or not, he was a human being who deserved not to be slandered without knowing the facts

He was a human being also

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Exactly!!! I agree that he should not have shot at anyone, but the police are trained to shoot, they did not HAVE to shoot him in the head. That kid was left laying there with his brain splattered on the sidewalk for more than 6 hours!!!!! That is just cruel, I don't care what he did. We don't know what happened because the police do LIE!!! Bet if it was the officer who was dead he wouldn't have been there that long. I personally know people who live in that building and saw the whole thing. The cops are not saying the whole story (surprise!!). Stop judging people whom you don't know!! That "POS" like some of you call him had a family who think and know different.

Proof of time of corpse on sidewalk?

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Sorry, a claim that something could have been done to keep him from dying is one thing, but no one is going to leave any corpse at a crime scene longer than needs be. It's unseemly and unsanitary. I believe that the cops were there for six hours, but barring proof, I find that aspect of the report sketchy and thereby the whole account.

You saw the whole thing?

And you saw someone pull out a gun on someone and then shoot at them, and then that other person shot back and killed the first person. And you want us to care about that first person?

Ain't gonna happen.

Mt brother wouldn't be acting

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Mt brother wouldn't be acting like a damn fool running around shooting at cops.Coward? I'm sure running around with unlicensed handguns and putting innocent people at risk makes you a real f'n hero huh? Cop did what he had to do.

You do realize you just

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You do realize you just defended the cop and his actions, yes? Thanks for the confirmation. The deceased got exactly what he asked for.

I've worked with that

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I've worked with that particular community (Fields Corner/ Geneva Bowdin) for years. Don't call it a tough neighborhood, or say it's rough or whatever. There are plenty of Vietnamese families living there who somehow manage to lead law-abiding, productive and positive lives. About half of the CV families are also walking the straight and narrow. Its the fatherless offspring of teen mothers who are usually behind the bad news, little men who make the seamless transition from victim to perpetrator as soon as they hit puberty. Lots of small, sad and stupid crews swearing loyalty to a street sign and carrying out vendettas that have no hope of resolution. It's not a mystery to anyone who has hung around these places.

figures the only murders

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figures the only murders Boston is getting is from police wtf happened to the gangbangers in boston they are so silent now its crazy. boston has gotten so soft its sad

Keyboard thugs

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With all these dirty cops out here everybody's trying to stand by fuck the police all y'all people making comments cause ya on a computer talking about pos look a all these white dudes killing there families or the pedophiles but im sure they wouldn't be labeled pos for y'all to keep disrespecting the dude that got killed and his family you are cowards that only talk like this on the internet never even walked through a hood maybe drove so like I said before FUCK THE POLICE. R.I.p to the dude that died. Find out the whole story first computer thugs


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And you think BPS is doing a good job! Please see above example of one of their past students.

Anecdata much?

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Hey, my feeling that Brandeis is a good university is in no way diminished by the fact Jack Abramoff is a graduate.

Fuck The Criminals

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One understands that there are plenty of corrupt or trigger happy police staff out there in the country. However the facts of this case have been reported and the person being labeled as a criminal was in fact engaged in numerous criminal activities: Illegal Possession of a Firearm, Illegal Carrying of a Concealed Weapon, and [the big one] Attempted Murder [of a police officer]. So it is hard to see how any other side of the story could make one feel much sympathy for the deceased individual. One feels sorry for the family who is grieving, and one feels sorry that the situation occurred the way it did. But one does not feel sorry for someone who even if they never fired at said police officer was already guilty of crimes deserving harsh punishment.

One does in fact typically see commenters here condemning all criminal activity regardless of the race of the perpetrator, just look at the previous post from today regarding a sex offender caught in Brookline. Or any previous such posts regarding sex offenders or murderers. Hell, you can be condemned on Universal Hub for leaving a stroller in locked across a sidewalk or using a space saver for a parking spot [not that one should not be condemned for such selfish acts].

Another anonymous poster here even went so far as to say it is right for people to be robbed or mugged for the money they earned because the criminals robbing them are poor. That exhibits such a sociopathic view of right and wrong that it makes me believe there may be no hope that certain people can ever be rehabilitated or made to understand the correct way to behave in society. They're not even complaining about some big bank or business - but saying that individual people [who may not even be better off than themselves but wealth is irrelevant here] are valid targets for violence and theft. That rather than have to go get a job and work for a living [which they are more than capable of doing - there are thousands of businesses in the city that do not have discriminatory hiring practices] it is ok to hurt someone for their possessions. Yes, the minimum wage, low-skill jobs out there do not pay enough but it is at least a start. And know that there is a strong movement for workers rights' that is pushing to raise that minimum wage further still and it is thought they will at least partially succeed in their efforts.

I also note that some 98% or more of the people in these impoverished communities and neighborhoods [% based on crime rates per population] are not out shooting or threatening people in order to steal money from them. Most of those people are in fact working hard in valid employment or going to school [or both] in order to better their employment opportunities. And those people don't like that they are being terrorized by a bunch of thugs with guns and a sense of self-entitlement and callousness towards the value of life, safety, and happiness.

Also we all live in the same city. Some of us even live or have lived in such neighborhoods the poster is referring to as "a hood". That some of the posters are willing to sell their own neighborhood short - and that certain residents of such neighborhoods seem willing to allow decrepitude and litter to abound - shows a lot about them. Rather than try to make where they live a better place - such as countless residents of former slums have done - such as the North End, Allston, South End, Fort Hill, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain - they would rather give up on their neighborhood and the people living there. The key is to find ways to improve the neighborhood without gentrifying it beyond ones means. This means that one must make the neighborhood a better place to live by not committing crimes, or careless abandon. Then when the price of housing rising as a result of this, one must seek ways to increase one's income legally instead of raging uselessly against the progress. Maybe one could work hard and save money and buy now while it is still cheap and take good care of your home and your neighborhood - then one will be sitting on a valuable commodity once crime has decreased.

A supposed eye witness told

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A supposed eye witness told us what happened upthread (that means earlier in the comments), and I still say the perp got what he asked for. Oh, and I live in the hood. Not on the edge, not just outside. IN it. Now what?

I'm betting you don't even read the other stories you were talking about. I've never seen comments defending pedophiles or white murderers. But those aren't the stories we're discussing right now. Don't worry about what "other" people are doing when OUR communities are going to shit because of the people you're trying to defend.