Armed home invasion in Dorchester: Residents tied up, one pistol whipped

Shortly after 10 a.m., at 45 Lonsdale St. Police are looking for two black men, both about 6' and 180 lbs., dressed all in black and carrying black guns and wire ties.



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Get a shotgun

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If the residents had a shotgun in the home they would have had exactly what was needed to blow the home invaders out the same entrance they came in by. This is one of the many reasons we have a Second Amendment..

Let's hope you have enough time to grab it.

Not only grab it, but unlock it, unlock the ammunition container, load it, be sure the home invader is your only obstacle to your safe exit, and know what's beyond your target before firing.

Massachusetts requires all unused firearms to be stored in a locked container, or with a tamper resistant device, such as a trigger lock:

Massachusetts also requires ammunition be stored in a locked container:

After all of that, the Massachusetts Castle Doctrine may protect you:

I linked to GOAL references. The MA state law site is a mess to wade through.

The more weapons are in the

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The more weapons are in the home, the more weapons that are temptations for theft.

Really, genius? you think that what that neighborhood needs are more weapons, when they are being trafficked in from other states and easily accessible to teenagers in those neighborhoods? Yes, let's have more gun battles and police presence to deal with. Sure, that'll keep them safe.

So swirly

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Remember your affordable housing comment the other day? That "perfectly safe" affordable condo you recommended is pretty much right next door.