Shots fired in the South End; two arrested

Stanley Staco reports several shots were fired around 8:15 p.m. at 435 Shawmut Ave. Police tracked the apparent getaway car to Parker and Heath streets in Jamaica Plain, where they arrested two people and released a minor in the car.

Felix Ortiz, 30, of Boston, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling. Maria Martinez, 32, of Boston, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. Police say they recovered two guns.

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So that's why I didn't hear the shots.

It's always nice to be able to come to this website to know immediately why I just saw an army of police cars storm through the neighborhood. Hopefully no-one was killed at the other end of the shooting. Luckily the arrest end seemed to go off fairly quietly.

can we get a count on how

can we get a count on how many shootings there have been since Thanksgiving? I'm counting non-fatal ones as well. There has to be some sort of gang or turf war going on right now that the police aren't talking about.

Thank you. It really bugs me

Thank you. It really bugs me that there is NEVER a mention of these shootings on Don't want to scare off potential businesses and real estate investments I guess. Unless a white girl gets shot, THEN we have to act. Right.

I really wish something could

I really wish something could be done about the Villa/Ruth Lilian Barkley/etc. This just fortifies the fact that certain kinds of people are going to act like savages no matter where they live.

When's the last time you heard of something like this happening in Beacon Hill or the heart of the Back Bay? Wonder why... OH! There's no low-income housing in either of those neighborhoods!

Crime breeds crime, and it's unfortunate for the hard-working, law-abiding individuals who do live in and around those areas.



Other than Tent City, which is right on the border of South End, all those "low income" units are exactly what they should be - housing for elderly and disabled, and are not causing any issues. You don't have any buildings full of able-bodied teenage baby mommas, equally able-bodied 35 year old grandmas and their very able-bodied gangbanger boyfriends who shouldn't even be there in the first place. Put those in any neighborhood and it will go down the drain in a hurry. Same goes for section 8 if the majority of residents are from the above-mentioned crowd (i.e. young able-bodied individuals perfectly capable of working for a living,) just look at poorer sections of Dot.

"Certain kinds of people"?

"Certain kinds of people"? Hmm, tell us who those "certain kinds" are please.
There is actually very little crime that comes out of the villa. I can think of only one shooting in the past few years there. Most of the people that live there are law-abiding families.

And you also don't hear about

And you also don't hear about crimes coming out of these apartment buildings either by the way. I follow BPD news regularly and have rarely seen mention of Villa Victoria in it. Furthermore, I used to work in that area of the South End and never witnessed any crime or felt unsafe. Please show me your statistics on criminal activity in these complexes as your racist, classist assumptions about crime hold no valid weight otherwise.


Villa seems safe for the most part, but Cathedral is an entirely different story. Gangbangers and dealers everywhere, trash all over the place, no safer than Bromley Heath or any other similar crime-ridden cesspool.

Well unfortunately people

Well unfortunately people aren't lucky enough like "beacon hill" residents to be born into wealth. Who are you to judge low-income project people. Its not our fault. This is what we were born into. You don't know what life is like out here. Yeah there's shootings and whatever but why don't you do some research on serial killers? Ted Bundy, btk killer? And its more likely that a wealthy person will become a serial killer than us project people. Think before you judge!!!

You are still in a safe area,

You are still in a safe area, no need to freak out. I worked in the South End for two years and walked around there by myself a lot and it was totally fine. It can get sketchy though when you get to the Roxbury side.

Bad Characters: gang members, drug dealers, welfare cheats

Hello Lindsey
The bad characters are: gang members, drug dealers, welfare cheats
How do I know this? I have been told by the Boston Police Department and I have witnessed drug dealing in the little children's playground between that block of West Newton St. and Villa Victoria. I lived there I know. What evidence do you have that I'm a racist? (unless of course you made a typo and meant to say realist!)

Shootings here aren't rare.

Shootings here aren't rare. Fatalities are. However, shootings are mostly confined to street gang rivalries so if you don't live on specific streets in Dorchester, Mattapan or Roxbury, you'll be fine. Otherwise I would say the only thing to really worry about is getting mugged or "apple picking", but if you're street smart, don't walk around alone at night, and aren't on your phone and unaware of your surroundings, you should again be fine here. Take the headphones off and don't make a habit of walking and talking, and you won't be targeted.