Man with anger-management issues sought for punching out a bicyclist in Forest Hills

A Roslindale resident reports on an incident involving his wife and a guy in a car around 3 p.m. yesterday:

My wife was riding her bicycle home and an angry motorist punched her in the face. This happed at Hyde Park Ave and Ukraine. She reported it to the police, including the vehicle plate number, and she is now resting with an ice pack on her lip.

When she stopped at light, he got out of his car, came up from behind and slugged her; she did not see it coming. MA plate # 62MD34, small silver car. Assailant was passenger in car with woman driver. Hopefully, with the info she provided to the police, they will get catch this coward.



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Knockout Game?

Sounds like it.

(Just kidding - sounds like a garden variety cowardly asshole)

This is why I keep a u-lock handy at all times. Never had to use it, but I have pulled it free with a dramatic flair to good effect.

True that. My messenger bag

True that. My messenger bag has what I can only describe as a tactical holster for a ulock and have taken out a mirror before for some aggressive hood behavior from someone fakie merging into the bike lane for laughs.

He didn't see her

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Obviously, he was just minding his own business, driving his fist down Hyde Park Ave, when suddenly a bicyclist darted out of nowhere and got in the way of the punch. Was she wearing a helmet? And high visibility clothing? And lights? Did she run a red light or a stop sign?

You see I'm very worried about the safety of the bicyclist. What kind of world is this where a man can't innocently drive his fist down the street without worrying about punching someone?

I look forward to the police report: "No criminality suspected."

Score one...

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...for the bikers. Vehicular types, you gotta get up on yer game. MarkK can't pull ALL the weight.
(said the car driver who hates driving his car everywhere but knows better than to ride a bike in this town.)

Two sides to a story

We have read one side that makes the assault seem totally unprovoked. That in itself leads me to wonder if there is more to the story. Did the guy's wife previously take off the car's mirror with a u lock for instance? We just don't know the complete story to go and make assertions. It really seems unlikely that passengers of small silver cars get out at stop lights to slug cyclists from behind giving them fat lips with zero provocation. Notice that inconsistency in the story? Assailant came from behind, yet lip is supposedly swollen. Perhaps the assailant already spoke to her as she ran previous red lights? There is more to the story.

Hate to agree

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If the guy was the driver, I could see it, maybe. Some roided freak with issues with bikes. However, he got the driver to stop for some reason.

I am not saying the guy is in the right. Not by a long shot. Who hits a woman, as another poster wrote. However, something must have happened. The woman may be in the right (aside from the fact she shoudn't have been hit by a man), but there is more to the story.

I can't imagine a situation

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I can't imagine a situation where it's appropriate for a motorist to step out his vehicle in traffic in order to confront a cyclist. Leaving the vehicle shows intent. If the cyclist had done something to provoke, the motorist should have involved the police.

If it were some sort if self defense, maybe, item would be okay, but I doubt he was in danger inside his car. If he were, his vehicle's superior speed/weight/safety features would almost certainly guarantee safety. Perhaps if the cyclist were armed? But then, again, still not a good idea to get out of the car.

Bottom line: calm down, stay in the car, call the police, don't hit women. Again: don't hit women.

Don't get me wrong

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I am not defending or condoning the guy by a long shot. I'm just saying that these things hardly ever come out of the blue. For example, if someone goes through a door I just opened, I could take it as an act of good will on my part (the best response), silently stew (best bad response), say something, hit them, or maybe shoot them (worst bad response).

I just can't see this happening for no reason, which is much different from no good reason. Yeah, there is no good reason to do wat he did.

I agree but...

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Just consider the level of vitriol towards bicyclists that appears here on a regular basis, let alone the virtual open sewers that are the Herald and Globe comment sections. It's awfully easy for that to spill over into real life for some people--not all, but some. Just a couple of days ago, a friend was biking towards Inman Square on a Hubway--this is a sober, experienced biker on a 45-lb bike, not a crazed 20-year-old fixie rider if it makes a difference--when a carful of guys screeched by him and rolled down their window to shout "I F'ING HATE BIKERS!" in his face. And I was once followed for three blocks by a guy driving a tow truck who was pissed because I politely declined to cross the street when he stopped for me (I was on the bike path so waiting on the sidewalk). Three blocks, screaming and hooting and hollering. Sorry, but there are nuts out there.

Says the man who harasses cyclists regularly

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We even have a go-pro vid of your antics.

I'm sure it doesn't show your side of the story, however: the part where cyclists are legally operating on the streets you own and how that makes you feel entitled to threaten people with your car.

Thanks for keeping it so

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Thanks for keeping it so classy, Markk. You have succeeded beyond any possible expectations.

no excuse

Sorry, I don't care whether or not the cyclist did anything to provoke the driver of the car. Unless the cyclist posed an immediate threat to the driver's safety/health that could only be prevented by hitting her, there's no excuse for getting out of his car and punching the cyclist. Furthermore, the driver being male or female, the cyclist being male or female, is ALL still irrelevant: this wouldn't be justifiable if it were female/male, male/male, female/female or any other imaginable combination.

At 3:00 near Forest Hills Station, someone must have witnessed this. That is a horrible traffic area for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Anyone with the slightest familiarity with that stretch of Washington knows this, which makes this doubly inexcusable; brace yourself and be cautious, but when someone inevitably does something to piss you off, cuss and then let it go.

The man in question was vicious and cowardly.

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First of all, there's no justification for a man to hit a any time.

Secondly, the man had no right to assault a bicyclist, either, in that kind of unprovoked manner.