Bystanders grab guy attacking a pregnant woman, hold him for police

Boston Police report several good Samaritans grabbed the man they saw run after and beat a pregnant woman trying to escape his mugging attempt.

According to police, the woman had just come out of a convenience store in the area of Harrison Avenue and Thorndike Street shortly before 3 p.m. when Bernard Robinson approached and asked her for some money.

The victim stated that she had then become nervous and refused to give the suspect money. The suspect then became aggressive and grabbed at the victim’s handbag. The victim managed to pull her handbag from the suspect and flee the scene. Upon fleeing, the suspect gave chase to the victim and proceeded to assault her.

Robinson was charged with assault and battery and assault to rob unarmed.

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    Boston needs more of this. If criminals know trying to rob or assault someone in broad daylight will result in a public bystander beat down they'll stop trying. Better to be a pack than a herd when dealing with wolves.


    Actually, he didn't beat her.

    Actually, he didn't beat her. The scumbag did try to rob her, and chased her after she ran away, pulling on her arm/purse. She's in quite a bit of pain from the running as she's 6 months pregnant and hasn't done too much exercise. On the plus side, he's facing a max of 15 years for both both counts.
    Source: i'm her husband.