Man stabbed in the chest at Ruggles T stop

Updated and corrected with info from Transit Police.

Transit Police report a man, about 40, was stabbed "in the torso area" around 5:50 p.m. He was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive.



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The Globe disagrees

The globe reports a man was stabbed in the torso near the Ruggles stop not in the station. Boston Police have turned the case over to Transit Police . Why would the Boston Police who are locked in a jurisdictional battle with the state police down at the Seaport turn over jurisdiction to the Transit Police if the stabbing happened on the street?

Still waiting for knife control legislation

Lobbyists got all coordinated to exploit their gun control agenda for the 1 yr. anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementry, yet fell short of advocating police have full access to mental health records or anything to reduce lethal knife attacks. Where is steak and kitchen knife registration other than at Macy's, Williams-Sanoma, and Crate & Barrel?

Because Big Cutlerly and

Because Big Cutlerly and their army of dark money owns every restaurant and household in America.

Did you know that they even make knives that won't appear in x-ray scanners and are available at every fast foot place in the country? Damn plastic!