South Boston convenience store held up

Surveillance photo from BPD.

Boston Police report they're looking for the guy who made like a bank robber at a South Boston Tedeschi store on Tuesday, passing a note to a clerk to demand money.

Police say the man, white, about 6' and 200-220 lbs. and in his late 20s or early 30s, entered the store at 655 E. Broadway around 6:45 p.m. After handing the clerk his note, he made off with $300 in cash, police say.

Know him? Contact C-6 detectives at 617-343-4742, or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



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    Southie trash!!

    Let the southie bashing commence. Nevermind the savages committing murder in "certain" parts of the city, they're excused because "they had a tough upbringing" or "Dad wasn't around." ... Liberal morons


    Looks to me like he was shaking his tiny fist at a man...

    ...made of straw. That same strawman is very busy these days: he's waging war on Christmas, helping the government take over the healthcare system, creating false data to support the global warming hoax, trying to take away everybody's guns, covering up the truth about Benghazi, ruining the sanctity of marriage by letting the gays get married, too, and on and on and on. No wonder conservatives are so angry at him!



    Anyone who isn't an ultra liberal is a racist right wing nut. Talk about strawman. Liberals in MA are just as crazy as a tea party republican from the south.


    Liberal Strawman strikes again!

    This time, he's calling anyone who doesn't agree with him bad names -- never mind Mr. Anon's "liberal morons" and "crazy" -- because everyone knows liberals are incapable of arguing issues using facts, logic, and trustworthy media sources. Everybody! I heard it on The Fox News from some bony lady in a blonde helmet, so there you have it.

    Conservatives are such victims of persecution! Look how their views get censored everywhere! You can't really blame them for crying, day and night, about how the world is so unfair to them! Won't someone give them a shoulder to sob into?

    For some reason "tolerant

    For some reason "tolerant liberals" cannot seem to tolerate anyone who isn't him or herself ultra liberal as well. Seems that the bashing of South Boston over relatively trivial things, far outweighs the Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan bashing (Savage murders, shootings, stabbings almost daily). I guess it's only "tolerant" to bash neighborhoods compromised of predominantly whites of European descent.


    Do these jokers suffer from sort of weird....

    ...selective blindness? They can't seem to see that every Boston neighborhood gets covered -- and that folly is called out wherever it can be found in the city (and even some surrounding towns). All I can figure is that SB has a surplus of thin-skinned crybabies (though I'm certain that the vast majority of SB folk, old-timers and newbies alike, have better things to do than whine about how mean Adam and UHub people are being to SB).

    Not at all. It's very clear

    Not at all. It's very clear crimes from all neighborhoods are covered. Rest assured horrific crimes in certain communities (warzones) go commentless, and mostly petty crimes South Boston receive an astronomical amount of negative input. (I.e. Those white trash backwoods morons! Southie is a dump! Morons in southie!, he's probably on oxy!, Whitey Whitey Whitey!')


    You're just not looking very hard

    You clearly didn't read the comments you provided

    It was not the number of comments that was the issue, AdamG, it was the number of comments that simply bash the community for being in the headlines. It is clear, that most commenters on the articles you submitted, made no mention of the stereotypical "types" of communities" where those crimes occurred. If it happened in Southie, the comments could right themselves, they are so "canned".

    The Majority of

    Southie stories here revolve around either crime (no particular focus or difference in reporting from other neighborhoods), and Southie’s apparent war against “gentrification” (JP gets it’s licks too). Except in the winter, when the focus is the space saving battle royal; due to Mumbles folding like a wet space saver chair and telling the neighborhood it would look the other way as property is damaged and people are assaulted.

    Doesn’t seem like a disproportional or undue focus to me. It is amusing that the persecution complex of the old guard Southie is still alive though.