Postal worker shot near Ashmont T stop; station shut in manhunt

Shortly after 6 p.m. on Bailey Street, per Alertnewengland.

The T shut all bus and subway service to and from Ashmont; police also shut the roads around the shooting scene.



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Service delays do to snow are one thing shutting down the station do a postal worker getting shot is unbelievable. Wasn't there a shootout about a month ago at Ashmont?



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You shut off the transportation so you know that the suspect isn't using the T to leave the area. It's a pretty simple and obvious concept.


protected class

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No, the surprise is that this is something police would never do if an "ordinary" person were shot.

I guess we can add postal workers to the list of "people police actually give a shit about when they're murdered." Anyone who isn't a police officer, firefighter, etc gets shot and police just bring their mops and shove the case into the stack.

Boston's got something like a 30% clearance rate on murders. Shoot someone in Boston and there's a 66% chance you'll get off scott free.

Yes they would

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They do this sort of thing all the time with shootings and other acts of mayhem.


Cops do it all the time now

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A huge section of Quincy was shut down to traffic the other day while cops were trying to capture a suspected robber in his hideout. Not the scene of the robbery.

There were cops from all over eastern mass there. They have the resources and communications tech to do this now.

It may seem they go overboard sometimes but what's the alternative? Violent scum still on the loose?
I'm mostly happy with these aggressive responses.


My thoughts are with the

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My thoughts are with the postal worker. What a scummy thing to do! I hope they catch that low life soon.


Youk to Japan

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I'm not trying to steal dvdoff's thunder, but while this story does appear on the Globe's site, I don't see this story anywhere on where the headline is about a guy who used to play for the Red Sox signing a contract to play in Japan.

Go f&*^ yourself,

30 only cares about

By on only cares about the stories in Boston which appeal to rich people and suburbanites visiting the city as if it were a theme park. They don't give a shit about the vast majority of people that actually live in the city. The Globe is not a local newspaper because of it.


Hang on a second

Next thing you know, you'll be trying trying to tell me that Bill Brett's party photos of the great and the good aren't made of pure, unadulterated awesome-sauce.

The Postman's pledge vs T-pledge

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Neither rain or snow or shootouts will keep these couriers from their appointed rounds . The T-pledge is rain snow sleet and shootouts will shut us down along with abandoned bags, broken rails, cold weather hot weather you name it we will shut down

complaining about is stupid

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you realize your complaining for no reason right? why should make front page news for shootings esp shootings of the damn hand? cities in this country have murders happening a few times a week that dont even make the newspapers and you expect a major city like Boston to make a big deal of a non fatal shooting? non fatal shootings are actually becoming rare in boston and murders are scarce....its a non issue to 100% of the population here


> .its a non issue to 100% of the population here

It is not