Police: East Boston man uses foot of fury on bus door, cop


Transit Police report that when Thomas Caruso, 55, was told yesterday afternoon that the bus he was trying to board at Maverick was full and he'd have to wait for the next one, he began screaming and then kicked the bus's door, cracking its glass.

Police say responding officers found Caruso on Paris Street. When they began to place him in a cruiser for booking on a charge of malicious destruction of property, "he became belligerent towards them and kicked an officer striking him in the thigh area," police say. That was good for an additional charge of assault on a police officer. Then, down at Transit Police HQ, police say, officers discovered the bag he was carrying was full of items from Marshall's with store security tags still attached. Receiving stolen property got added to his bill.

Innocent, etc.



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Not sure why this merits any

Not sure why this merits any coverage at all, let alone the posting of the poor guy's picture.

The PR department of the silly Transit Police seems to get a sadistic thrill out of humiliating the powerless. It's evidently a slow news day when Adam decides to play along.