Police: Angry man drives over cop's foot

Boston Police report officers responding to an Upham Corner woman's call about her angry and newly ex-boyfriend threatening to show up at her place with a gun yesterday evening found the guy in a car near her apartment.

Fearing the presence of a firearm, officers with their guns drawn approached the suspect’s car and instructed him to vacate the vehicle. However, as officers were approaching the car, the suspect sped off striking one officer in the foot and narrowly missing another officer who had to jump out of the way of the fleeing vehicle. The officer struck in the foot was treated for minor injuries. Officers promptly broadcast a description of the fleeing vehicle over the police radio. While fleeing the area, the suspect drove up on the sidewalk and ran over a ‘One Way’ street sign.

Officers lost sight of him, but about 20 minutes, police got another call, this time from somebody on Powellton Road, about a car, matching the description of Angry Guy's, that had just hit a parked car and then pulled into a driveway there:

On arrival, officers located the suspect’s car with the suspect still sitting inside it.

Jeromie Jones, 32, was arrested on charges of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (the car), assault and battery on a police officer, refusal to stop for a police officer, driving to endanger and negligent operation.

Innocent, etc.



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