Man has assault rifle, other guns and ammo stolen out of his car in the Back Bay

Boston Police report they are looking for a small armory of weapons stolen out of a car parked at Belvidere and Dalton streets yesterday evening.

The victim stated that when he returned to his motor vehicle, he had observed the passenger’s rear window damaged and his glove compartment open.

The victim stated to officers that after a day of shooting at an area gun club, his unloaded firearms, which had been secured in the trunk of his motor vehicle, had been stolen.

Stolen: A Spikes Tactical AR-15 assault rifle Model# SL15, a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun Model 500, a Ruger .22-caliber rifle Model 10-22, a Walther P22 Pistol, and a Sig Sauer .45-caliber Pistol - along with ammunition for various weapons.



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Not just money but time and

Not just money but time and money.

Hours spent in the mandatory state safety class, exam, the application process, interview, background check, 40+day waiting period for the state to issue or deny an application, the firing exam required by some citys/towns, the renewal process every few years which sends you back to square one, and then all the paperwork from buying/selling/transferring/registering each firearm.

If the 1st amendment or voting got the same treatment as the 2nd the majority of Americans would be screaming bloody murder at the violation of their civil rights by censorship codes and poll taxes.

Most people are completely clueless what hoops legal gun holders jump through in this state because of how easily criminals obtain their firearms from the same people running illegal drugs.


lawyers, guns & money...

Highly unlikely that someone would (could) walk away with that hefty amount of loot from a random auto break in. There are either missing links to the story (which is quite possible), or somebody is telling a mighty tall tail.


Ya, because that happens....never!

They are reported stolen from a break-in where they were properly stored... which makes his liability for their use in future crimes ZERO! And, no, I didn't mean to type "tale". You see, I didn't misspell the word, I used the wrong one! But, ya, thanks for pointing that out.

could've been cased

I wouldn't be surprised if someone staked out the firing range and then followed the car once they saw the guy put an armload of weapons in it. Once the guy parked and walked away it probably took less than a minute to pop the trunk & grab the guns & ammo.

Someone he knows

Okay, seriously, it has to be someone he knows, right? Who is else is popping trunks open, and upon finding a well-armed car, quietly steals all the weapons? It just seems all too perfect to not be someone who knew what they were getting into.


Very careless

First, ammo and guns are supposed to be carried separately -- guns in the locked trunk; ammo in the passenger compartment.

Second. He should have removed all weapons from the vehicle and taken them inside the house as soon as he got home.

That said, the story does sound a bit fishy. Like nobody in the neighborhood noticed the perp(s) walking down the street with three long guns? Something here isn't right.


Not Correct

There is no MA law that states ammunition and firearms be stored in different sections of the vehicle. Firearms must be unloaded and in a locked trunk. There is absolutely no law about the storage of ammunition in a vehicle. There's far too little information in the article to suggest that they weren't stored separately or that he lived at the address.


"Guns and ammo are supposed

"Guns and ammo are supposed to be carried separately..." Kinda like I'm supposed to be married to Bianca De La Garza.

Amazing Creskin, do inform us of where the law requires that, because I do think you're just making stuff up.

Wrong. There is no legal

Wrong. There is no legal requirement to keep the ammunition and firearms in separate parts of the vehicle as long as they are not stored in the same case. If anything, the police would use NOT having the ammunition in your trunk as an excuse to bust your chops or search your entire vehicle even if you produce a proper license. That's what it's like for a Massachusetts in gun owner, in a nutshell.

Guy can't be a Boston

Guy can't be a Boston resident with some of those firearms being on the city's ban list. I assume he parked near one of the hotels before a night of dinner and drinks in the area.

Didn't do anything wrong legally as far as stage storage. Though not too smart to leave that stuff on a public street even in a locked car trunk at night. Cars get stolen every night in the city and those firearms belong in a safe whenever not under the direct control or active transportation by the owner.

Doesn't make sense that anyone would know what was locked in the trunk unless he opened it to put away a CCW (no LTC holder in MA is going to risk their license having their gun on them while drinking) or moved an obvious gun case into the trunk before leaving for the evening.

Either that or this guy was followed from the range by someone that knew what he had with him and that he'd be away from the car for awhile. Could be the same way that other guy had multiple safes jacked a week or two ago.

There are many cameras on that street so hopefully the cops have something good to work with and fast.



I guess spelling is not BPD's strong point.

I also changed the headline to read that the items were stolen out of his "car" rather than his "trunk," since the BPD post doesn't say where the ammo was but does say both his trunk and glove compartment were opened.

Follow the trail

Next thing we'll hear is the death of a innocent twelve year old. Where do the illegal guns come from that kill innocents? Next killing might be from one of these guns.

Funny logic

Don't blame the thug who broke into the car and stole the weapons, blame the gun owner who stored the weapons properly and did not break any laws. Don't blame the thug who's going to murder someone with those stolen weapons, blame the gun owner. Using the same logic, don't blame the nutjob who built a bomb out of ammonia he stole from a farm and used it to blow something up, blame the farmer. Best one yet, don't blame the criminals who commit crimes, blame yourself for screaming bloody murder, free $criminalsname whenever a criminal gets locked up. After all it's not the criminal's fault, it's your fault for enabling him, right?


Stolen weapons

Can you imagine what the late Elmore Leonard would have done with this? What a lead!

Guy locks arsenal in trunk. Guy goes drinking. Guy comes back, guns gone.

But an Elmore Leonard guy wouldn't call the cops. He would be an ex-cop himself, a hotel doorman would give him a clue, and bad things would start happening to bad guys. The phrase "racking the slide" would be used after he retrieves his _other_ Mossberg, the one with the 20" barrel.

Or, more Bostonian, what if the driver were Spenser's pal Hawk?

Or what if the perp were a Friend of Eddie Coyle?

There are a million stories in the Hub. This could be half a dozen of them.


This brings up a question:

What the hell was the guy doing with a bunch of firearms, especially assault rifles (which are prohibited here in the Bay State) in his trunk, anyway? It's beyond stupid to leave firearms and ammo anywhere in one's car, especially on a public street. Either he was targeted by someone that he knew, which seems the most probably explanation, or somebody saw him unload the weapons/ammo. Something doesn't add up here!


You're Misinformed

Assault Weapon, besides being a fabricated media term rather than an actual industry term, refers to fully automatic rifles. The Spikes Tactical is a garden variety AR15. It's semi automatic and, depending on its exact configuration, completely legal in Massachusetts.
Why you think it's "beyond stupid" to leave valuable items locked out of sight in a car trunk is beyond me. You do realize that he was not the one that committed a felony here right? He was robbed.


The guy who left his firearms in the trunk of his car

The guy who left his firearms in the trunk of his car was the one who was robbed--that's true, but I stand by my position that one does not leave firearms in his/her car, even if they're locked out of sight, at any hour of the day or night. That's just begging for trouble, because who's to say that this person won't go out and commit a crime such as assault, armed robbery, or even a homicide with one or more of those stolen guns?

Assault weapons are banned in many states, and they should be banned here, if they're not already.


Read more, talk less. The laws here rival any in the nation when it comes to restricting gun ownership. There is no state in this country where it is illegal to own and AR-15. Please to yourself a large favor and do some learning before you decide to climb on a soapbox or engage in debate. As it stands, you;re merely spouting opinion based in ignorance,


Someone might steal your wallet or hack into your bank account and empty it out, then use the money to buy a gun and kill someone, does that mean you shouldn't be allowed to have money? Someone might bump into while you're out walking, fall down, hit their head on a rock and die, does that mean you shouldn't be allowed to go outside?

Oh I don't know...

Maybe the price you pay for living in a civil society and not in a cave surrounded by weaponry? Note please that I didn't say anything about "rights"--I asked why on earth anyone not in the military or the police force needs these kind of weapons just for kicks. They're dangerous, both in the hands of their owners and in the hands of the criminals who are now in possession of them. And they feed a really sad, violent fake-macho superhero myth that seems to be taking over the brains if young men in this country. Guns are the solution to everything--rage, loneliness, sadness, oppression. The big gun will make everything better.


Small dicks for big guns

To be fair, I like shooting guns but the pro-gun lobby generally refuses to engage in reasonable debate. I have a permit but don't own any now because I don't have a need though if I have more free time in a few years I may start hunting again so in that case would purchase for that. I can satisfy my periodic urge to shoot by going to a range and using their guns.


Good for you

Now explain to me why you expect to hurl an insult (small dick, how original) first, and then claim it's someone else that refuses to engage in "reasonable debate"? Sounds to me like "reasonable debate" = agree 100% with your point of view. Your "small dick" reference makes it clear you only have a childish understanding of the issue and only feign interest in a discussion for your own smug sense of self satisfaction.

It is still stupid.

Just like leaving a GPS in plain sight is stupid, or leaving $100,000 in cash in a briefcase in the backseat is stupid.

You never know what kind of civil action you might face if someone dies with your firearm, locked or unlocked. The burden of proof will be on you that you locked them correctly, and even then, firearm case law is changing every other week here in MA.


The rifles aren't prohibited

The rifles aren't prohibited in the state but in the city over cosmetic features. They aren't "assault rifles" which are rifles with select fire and automatic modes where these rifles are semi-auto only. The state's "assault weapon" ban has more to do with capacity of magazines greater than 10. A .22 rifle with a 10 round of less magazine whether it looks like a M4/16/AK/whathaveyou or a standard sporting/hunting rifle like the 10/22 is a-ok.

The storage was legal and to the letter of the law for transportation on a public way. Other than possibly violating passage clause for stopping (you are supposed to keep going through a jurisdiction without stopping which has bans) in a city which bans specific rifle models.

I still would NEVER leave a car parked on a public street for any long period of time unattended because a trunk is not a good substitute for a safe.


It is a form of recreation

Target practice can be very relaxing. While I prefer to use the .22 my grandpa built over the weapons I used in the military, it really isn't any different in many ways from any other skill-as-sport. It can actually be quite good for developing focus and the ability to isolate yourself from your surroundings.

MIT used to have a shooting range - do they still?


Yes they do.

Yes they do.

NEU lost its range in the 70s
BU's I think shut down around the same time although the facility still existed in the basement of the Commonwealth Armory until BU tore it down for the new arena.

I don't think any of the other colleges have facilities within the Boston/Cambridge area anymore other than MIT.


Going to the range

If you read the article, it clearly says the guy had just come back from the shooting range.

This may come as a surprise to many people, but there isn't a 10 mile firearms exclusionary zone emanating from the State House's Golden Dome.


Education: Get some.

If you want to engage in conversation about a subject, at least put the effort into knowing a little about what you're talking about. I'm not even talking about the whole use of the term "assault rifle", which doesn't apply and yet is overused beyond believe, but about what is permitted in your own state and what is not. Base your arguments on facts that you know, not from what you've heard at the workplace cooler or on the melodramatic that passes for local news.

MA Firearms definitions 101 for Everyone:

Firearm: pistol or other weapon, that can discharge a shot or bullet, barrel less than 16" in length.

Large Capacity Firearm: semiautomatic, capable of or readily modified to accept large capacity feeding device for more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Rifle: Rifled bore with a barrel length equal or greater than 16", capable of discharging a shot or bullet for each pull of the trigger.

Shotgun: Smooth bore and barrel length equal to or greater than 18", overall length equal or greater than 26", capable of discharging a shot for each pull of the trigger.

Large capacity rifle: semiautomatic and capable of (or modified) to accept feeding device that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo.

Large Capacity shotgun: semiautomatic and capable of (or modified) to accept feeding device for more than 5 rounds of shotgun ammo.

Sawed-off shotgun: modified shotgun with one or more barrels less than 18" long, or overall length of less than 26"

Machine Gun: Weapon of any description, from which a number of shots or bullets may be automatically discharged by one continuous trigger activation, including a submachine gun.

Covert Weapon: Any weapon that can discharge a shot that does not resemble any of the above.


Why does this guy need these?

Is anyone going to raise the very obvious question of why in god's holy name this guy needs to be driving around Boston with a trunk that could arm a small Balkan country? Wouldn't it be nice if he found a hobby where, if the equipment were stolen, it wouldn't cause another Columbine?


Missing the Point

Why is it that when someone's firearms are stolen while they are stored in accordance with the law (MA storage laws are stricter than almost all other states) people start criticizing the victim? This guy stored what is a very common "range day" assortment of firearms. It's not an arsenal. Only in MA would people comment on a small collection of firearms as being excessive.


And thank god.

Yet another reason I'm glad I live here and not some shithole like Texas where a man's not a man unless he has a trunk full of weaponry. And not we're not talking about hunting rifles here or target pistols--these are toys designed for just one thing--killing people.

Nice work!

You showed your ignorance by describing a hunting shotgun, a target rifle Boy Scouts might use, and a small caliber target pistol as made specifically for "killing people", AND you stereotyped an entire state that, I'm willing to bet, you've never even visited. Congratulations on making yourself look extremely foolish.

That's an awfully small country

That's an awfully small country if five weapons is enough to arm it.

And what business is it to you as to what his hobby is? As long as he partakes in said hobby safely, and goes through proper safety measures, does it truly concern you? We don't know one way or the other whether he did take proper (and legal) safety measures, but either way, there is one person who is truly a criminal: the person who actually stole the weapons. This man is a victim of a theft, and if anyone should be badgered for answers, we know the thief should be for sure.


He owned guns you see

and that alone makes him a bad person in the eyes of Ari O and his ilk. Not to mention, Ari O and his fellow travelers have deemed themselves the arbiter of what people "need". Laws should be made based upon what Ari O "feels" don't you know. Doesn't matter if he followed the law to a T or was the victim of a crime, he deserves what he gets because he owned guns.


Why does anyone do anything?

I think your question is unnecessary and pointless, especially when you follow up with suggestions for other hobbies. You could say the same thing about anything that gets stolen (a parked car, cutlery at home) and then gets used in a crime. If you are going to attack guns attack the gun laws, not the user who (looks like they...) followed the laws properly.


Half of what the guy had in

Half of what the guy had in the trunk were .22 rimfire plinking pistols and target rifles used for practice. Common stuff which the world outside of the 128 belt uses for dealing with varmits and teaching new shooters proper technique.

Your average rural household in most of the country would have a similar arsenal for practice/plinking, hunting, pest control, and home defense.

Not everyone in the country has the urban luxuries of a local police department able to respond in less than 7 minutes or the biggest pests being some radical turkeys seeking to overthrow humanity.



I don't leave anything of value in my car. Maybe it's just me, but were a thief to break into my car, (which in itself isn't even worth much!) I don't want them getting away with anything more than the spare change in the drawer. To have to worry that the contents of my trunk could (and probably will) result in all sorts of crime would be enough for me to leave the armory at the house, (locked up in a safe), or, if I had to transport them, I wouldn't stop for a snack, I'd go from point A to B (B being home) without a detour.

I know the gun lobby would never allow this, but gun owners should have to answer for stolen guns when they wind up being used in crime. Fines should be doled out for careless storage at the very least.


Nice Logic

By this logic if someone were to still your locked car from a public street then use it to rob a bank and, in the process of escaping, hit and kill someone; you should be held responsible? Let's put the focus on the real criminals and stop vilifying people who follow the law but do things we aren't interested in.


Grammar is your friend

This is even more true if you want people to know what you're trying to say. Or, you can simply spout nonsense like this and your previous post and we can assume it's nothing more than whiny opinion rather than any kind of meaningful dialogue/debate.

The beginning of your last sentence articulates the rub, anon.


I know the gun lobby would never allow this

is exactly why our gun laws have been rendered basically ineffective, and I agree that the owner of firearms that are stolen should be held accountable for stolen guns, especially when they end up being used in some type of crime or other. One also might add that most of the firearms that do fall into the hands of criminals are stolen from private homes and/or cars, because guns are often the first thing that burglars look for when they break into somebody's private home, or even their car.

The Gun Lobby doesn't want gun owners or gun manufacturers to be responsible for anything, because tney're extremely powerful, well-organized, and are able to sway public opinion over to their side.


...the proper terminology is "select fire weapon". "Assault rifle" describes nothing more than an combination (which varies depending on who you ask and where you are) of features on a rifle, such as the ability to accept high capacity magazines, a pistol grip, a flash suppressor, a bayonet lug (which makes TONS of sense since bayoneting murder probably happens about as frequently as choking to death on a grandfather clock), and a collapsible shoulder stock. For the most part all of these things have very little effect on the way the gun fires bullets like every other gun out there. Those who complain about high capacity magazines being a huge problem don't realize that WW2 was won by guys carrying a rifle that held eight rounds. Those who trumpet the most anti-gun rhetoric tend to be those who know the least about them. THAT is why gun owners roll their eyes and the stupid laws and the ignorant arguments, and get angry when criminals are allowed to plead out when faced with the gun laws that work; the laws that put violent/illegal gun offenders away for a long time. It's a travesty.


All that manly gun knowledge just makes me weak in the knees.

Here's a simple challenge then for all of you gun lovers--how DO you keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, hot-tempered drunks, criminals, angry ex-husbands with restraining orders, nervous property owners who shoot at anyone who rings their doorbell, angry teenagers brimming with murderous thoughts, desperate, suicidal folks of all ages. Seriously--I'd love to hear your ideas. The organization that represents you fights against waiting periods, background checks, gun show sales, etc ad nauseam. So let us folks who "know the least" be quiet for a moment and YOU tell US how we can reverse the current wave of pointless, horrifying gun violence that makes the news every day and makes you guys look like a bunch of fearful, wild-eyed lunatics. Go.


For starters how about we get

For starters how about we get rid of the stigma about mental health in this country?

Not long ago a family of four was murdered by a sick man, not with a gun but a kitchen knife. The problem is clearly not firearms, it's about finding better ways to help people. We need to do a better job of providing young people with quality mental health resources.

We should also address how the media sensationalizes these people who commit atrocities.

For the record, criminals (felons) have restricted access to firearms, people with restraining orders and domestic violence charges are restricted or prohibited, mentally ill (forced hospitalization) are restricted, teenagers are restricted

In turn I ask this,

How is our education system and society failing so poorly that these people want to commit mass murders? I believe once we can answer that question I can answer yours.

But no one ever asks that because the answers are tough and dark. So instead the blame is focused around an inanimate object no more lethal than the phone I am writing this on.

You know crime went up across

You know crime went up across the board in Australia after the ban on most firearms?

It's funny you say we should ban Firearms "of mass destruction" how do you feel about the Boston police wanting 2500 weapons of mass destruction. Shouldn't we all have access to the same level of protection, 9 out of 10 times a civilian is first to make contact with a mass murderer.

long thread

but I leaned a ton:

1) Gun nuts, I mean 2nd amendment advocates, are boring and pedantic.
2) People that leave thousands of dollars of expensive equipment in a car parked on a Boston street are not dangerously stupid.
3) I need to get a life.


You were right the first time

I'm quite an advocate of the second amendment.

The second amendment says that well-regulated militias may have guns. Separate from my feelings about how the military is run or how extensively it's used, I am in favor of the military having guns. And since we have a military, national guard, SWAT teams, etc. that one might also reasonably interpret to be included as being arms (hee hee) of the well-regulated militia, we don't need a bunch of gun nuts with guns under their beds just in case something happens that they think the need to take care of.