Gun-wielding man holds up Brighton bank

Boston Police report the Santander Bank branch at 30 Leo Birmingham Parkway was held up around 3:20 p.m. by a black man, about 5'3" and wearing a black hat, gray scarf and red hoodie.



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remember everyone

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BPD is doing a great job, no changes needed! We just have a plague of bank robberies...which are down everywhere else in the country...

Thank goodness!

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I'd hate to be arrested for a robbery I would never even contemplate.

The most frequently robbed bank in Boston? New England?

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I used to live just behind this bank (then operated by another bank) and I believe it was robbed twice in the year I lived over there. I know it has been robbed several times since and before then.

Anyone know if there are any stats on robbery frequency?

If this bank is indeed

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If this bank is indeed frequently held up, I'm surprised they haven't hired a security guard.

Packing heat

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mildly disappointed that a timely pun was missed : (

Height requirement?

Rides at Disneyland have height minimums, but there doesn't seem to be one for robbing a bank. It looks like this bank uses counter heights unfriendly to the handicapped and vertically challenged to discourage bandits.

Why doesn't this bank robber

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Why doesn't this bank robber have a catchy nickname? If I were him I'd feel miffed. Channel 7 news won't mention bank robberies unless the robber has a snappy moniker.

FBI responsibility

Its usually the FBI that comes up with memorable names so the public might easier identify and report the robbers. Takes some repeat performances to earn a nickname.