Man sought for using bicycle lock on somebody's face

Boston Police are looking for a man who allegedly hit another person in the face with a bicycle lock around 12:30 p.m. on West Walnut Park at Amory Street, then rode away on his bike.

He's described as black, 6'3" and 240 lbs., and was weaing a yellow jacket and gray sweatpant.



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    defense, not offense

    Never actually had to use it. Just brandish it. It seems that psychotic mouthy cowards are cowards - who knew?

    I mean, besides our resident psychotic mouthy coward, that is.


    So brave

    Its just about as brave as the people that threaten to kill someone with their cars.

    I honestly don't understand what you find so cowardly about brandishing a u-lock in self defense. It would be foolish to do nothing and risk getting assaulted by some psychopath.


    Actually, it's the reverse

    Every time something bicycle-related happens now, I stop and think whether I really want to post about it given the sort of of online melee it'll cause. In this case, I decided to go with it because it's a pretty serious A&B, which I would post about without even a second thought if the weapon were a knife, or gun, or TV remote control.


    well, then....

    "Every time something bicycle-related happens now, I stop and think whether I really want to post about it given the sort of of online melee it'll cause."

    An online melee caused by hateful, victim-blaming, derogatory, trolling posts about cyclists, which we then have to defend ourselves from.

    If commenters did it with women, racial/ethnic/religious'd clamp down on it in a second.

    The solution to that problem is to block comments on said articles, as you've done for other posts, or support the cycling community by removing comments that are purely hateful about us so that we don't have to constantly defend ourselves. Not to go silent about news relating to cyclists...

    Cars are not people

    Hating THINGS is completely acceptable. Excluding THINGS from an area is completely acceptable.

    Grow up - cars don't have rights. People have rights ... and privileges, like driving is a privilege.


    about the rest of the story here--was it a robbery? A dispute between people who know each other? Or a traffic/road rage incident? It just seems kind if odd. Not a lot of people out on bikes right now and I'm trying to think of the last time I saw a gigantic black guy in yellow on a bike. Its been a while.

    Few months back

    I was riding into work via Comm Ave and there was a large biker running reds all along the route. A got to Kenmore behind a few other riders and arrived at the intersection as a fellow cyclist was calling out the light runner for biking the way he was. The big guy got right up his face and was essentially telling him "what are you gonna do about it?" Well nothing, because that guy didn't feel like getting assaulted on his way into work, so he shut up but not before I had to chance to yell up at the big guy to knock his shit off, riders like him give us all a bad name. He was done at this point and as is par for the course, ran through the red light while flipping us all off.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same guy in this story.


    Not your problem

    Natural selection should eventually catch up with the guy, and then Boston Bikes etc. can demand more bike lanes and tracks. The guy being bad for cyclists is just a temporary problem. Instead of confronting his thug attitude, thank him for his future martyrdom.

    Doesn't affect me

    Much like black on black crime, rival gang violence in Dorchester, or the Jerry Springer Show, I'm just a spectator at most. I could ask what more we could do to keep dangerous weapons like bleach, kitchen knives and bike locks out of the hands of criminals. Impose the same controls used for cans of pepper spray and mace?