Man shot to death in Roslindale

UPDATE: Victim identified as Brandon John, a student at Madison Park.

Stanley Staco reports a man was found gunned down shortly after 11 p.m. at 136 Rowe St.

Mark Parkinson reports police are looking for a maroon Camaro seen fleeing the scene - and three men who fled on foot.

Boston's second murder of the day - and year - happened not far from the first.




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Put the BPD cruiser back in front of Menino's house 24/7

After 20 years with the engine running, the minute they pull the cruiser from in front of Menino's house, District 5 becomes the Wild West. "Beantown to Greentown" now that Menino and the idling cruiser have moved on. It's sort of a Morton's Fork situation. Put the cruiser back and possibly prevent the increasing murders in that area or eliminate the cruiser and save other lives by preventing the "greenhouse gasses" emitted by the idling cruiser, operating on the worst fuel, provided by the lowest bidder? Hmmm.


Somebody unfamiliar with Boston geography should perhaps not be making unfounded statements about how a single cruiser in Readville was all that was standing between civilization in Roslindale and the barbarians at the gates.

As somebody who basically lives halfway between the two murder scenes (and, in fact, who was driving by Georgetowne on the way to Five Guys right when the first murder was happening), I'm hardly thrilled, but I'm not starting to scan the real-estate listings in Norwood, either.


Shootings in that area

are few and far between. It's really the effect of the great migration down River Street into HP. The real question is, is it going to get worse as the years pass and more thuged out families from the Pan move in. Or will E-18 nip this in the butt.

a lot of drug dealing going on in this area along hyde park ave

It's a drop-off point - you see idling vehicles around there, and sketchy people who obviously don't live there holding nothing but a sheet of paper with an address. I've called the BPD several times now. I'm sick and tired of this - BPD needs to park cruisers at blakemore, cummins, and canterbury 24/7. This is a nice neighborhood - lots of professional families with young kids around.



What the fuck does idling cars have anything to do with drug dealing I live right on the corner of hyde park ave and Cummings there is always a lot of activity hence all the business like gas station liquor stores convenience stores and restaurants if it was just a residential area I will agree with you but remember where you live you call the cops for no reason while they can be stopping or catching these murderers on the streets no one bothers you or affects your day to day living so what exactly is the point of wasting the police's time to help your narrow minded paranoid self

side streets off cummins - and off blakemore and canterbury

I live around there. There were people loudly buying heroin/weed out in front of my house a couple years ago. these idiots kept coming back to the same spot - I kept calling the cops and they finally caught them. I still see exchanges going down near the blakemore bridge and off florence street - the big drops are typically unfamiliar cars out idling - you see one pull over - then 10 minutes later another one pulls over one person gets out and goes to the window of the other car, makes the exchange, and then they both take off. yes it's not weird on the commercial strip for cars to be idling - but highly suspicious on the residential streets (and there are laws against idling).

When they busted up that house forest hills the activity died down, but it's been coming back because I think Hyde Park ave is the border of gang territory (have you not noticed the tags?) and I think they must be operating somewhere just east of hyde park ave.

oh - and be careful letting your kid play at healy because you'll find syringes.


Man shot to death in Roslindale

Hello. If you want to be taken more seriously and not perhaps thought of as a pissed-off moron, study how to write! Run-on sentences, lots of swears, overt anger and lack of inflectional endings makes you look like someone whose opinion shouldn't be considered. There's a way to be assertive without being aggressive, or even intimidating. BTW, the cause and effect relationship you were trying to make was reversed. (There are many businesses in that area, hence many idling cars - not the other way around.)