Police: Allegedly loud rappers try to silence critic with a knife at Mass. Ave. T stop

A pair of alleged rappers were arraigned today on charges they reacted to a complaint about the volume of their vocals at Mass. Ave. on the Orange Line Thursday night by doing a little Jim Croce on their critic's head.

Boston Municipal Court Judge Robert J. McKenna released Shakera Bowden of Dorchester and Curtessa Franklin of Canton, both 19, on personal recognizance, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Prosecutors had asked for $20,000 bail for Franklin and $7,500 for Bowden, but had also asked they both be locked up for violating bail on earlier, still pending cases - larceny, fare evasion and shoplifting in three towns for Franklin and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Chelsea for Bowden.

Innocent, etc.



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Wait... They were released

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Wait... They were released without any punishment??? And had prior list of crimes? Did I read that correct? Bail free?

Read Adam's last line

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You can't punish someone who has not been found guilty. Bail and guilt are surprisingly unrelated.

Bail is related to the accused returning to face justice and the severity of the crime. There is no flight risk it would seem, though the woman who is facing the other assault charge would seem to be a risk for reoffending, which should lead to bail being revoked.

Now, if they even just say "hi" to the victim while the charges are pending, then they are a threat to him, which would mean charges that would most likely have high bail if any bail offered.

Read twice, post once

"violating bail" does not mean skipping bail. Skipping bail means failing to show up for your trial. Violating bail means failing to comply with the terms of your bail agreement, which might include, for example, refraining from drinking alcohol, or staying out of the neighborhood where the victim lives, etc. That of course does not make them a flight risk.

In any case, it seems puzzling that if these two were determined to have violated their previous bail, why the judge did not revoke that and put them in custody.

Missed violating bail

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It was the prosecutor's request. This means either the judge is one of those appointees who lets everyone goes, or the prosecutor is overreaching. I don't see how the former suspect would have, as her bail terms, not assaulting someone. Maybe being on T property was a term of her bail. I don't know. Of course, she shouldn't be assaulting anyone, but again, she is accused. The latter one, I mean, how many times can you be accused of assault and battery by different people and it not be a bail violation?

Carrying knives ready to slice and dice

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and then doing the slicing by itself is enough to argue for a high bail if not revocation. These women are not accused of violating a no alcohol condition; they are accused of a violent act that could have killed. I get that jails are overcrowded and underfunded. But that is not the judge's problem. The judge's job is to help protect the community. If the evidence is strong enough to merit arrest then the evidence is probably strong enough to merit bail revocation.

Severity of the crime

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Sounds like stabbing someone in the head for no apparent reason is not severe enough around here, guess it would take a dead body with a dozen bullet or knife holes to get a four figure bail. Too bad all the bleeding heart judges live in wealthy white suburbs so they don't get to deal with the consequences of playing their beloved catch and release game. Same goes for the prison system - people would think twice before doing something criminal if they know they would end up at a gulag-style labor camp, not an equivalent of a boy scout camp for thugs. Prison isn't much of a deterrent when it's a thug's rite of passage instead of a punishment.

See Something Say Nothing

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Once upon a midnight dreary a passenger heard a loud rapping by his train door. The passenger screamed never more to the rapping as he had been brainwashed by public service announcements to see something say something. After being stabbed in the head the passenger shouted "NEVER MORE'

So they're out on bail

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So they're out on bail already for an act of violence, violate the conditions of that bail and slice someone with a knife. Released for free and are out roaming the streets right now. Makes perfect sense.

Seems like almost all the

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Seems like almost all the crime in Boston is repeat offenders that weak kneed judges keep letting off or on parole with a pat on the head and a program.

Not reassuring to cops or victims that thuggy mcthug4life can live out a game of Grand Theft Auto and still be home for breakfast in short order.

I have a feeling many cops in

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I have a feeling many cops in MA are frustrated that none of these thugs get real punishment. Dare I assume many of these cops may have conservative views? As I get older and more mature thugs piss me over even more. Rappers. HA!


Yup. Seeing bad guys get off tends to make cops cynical, and causes cops to not respect the law. And, of course, having cops who don't respect the law is a very bad thing for a civilized society.

Pretty typical

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Sometimes when I have spare time I go down to the court house and watch the various proceedings. Its standard for repeat criminals to be set free. I watched a case where a guy went into a bar and started stabbing people. He was arrested then released on bail where he promptly went back to the bar and started stabbing people again. Once again he was arrested and released on bail again.