Knife-wielding robbers make off with phone at Savin Hill T station

Around 8:30 p.m. at the rear entrance to the station. The two suspects are described as black, about 18, one wearing an Army jacket and sweatpants, the other wearing a red and black hoodie.



Free tagging: 


No Pants Profliling

The transit police were too busy following and monitoring passengers in their undies and speedos on the no pants ride and didn't have the manpower to respond to a knife attack


It's a damn shame those worthless low-lifes get to terrorize what's otherwise a great family neighborhood with complete impunity. Hope Walsh grows a pair and does something about it before someone tries to fight back and gets hurt or killed. Either that, or they try to pull this on an armed off-duty cop and get an extra hole or two drilled in their heads, which wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Terrorize? Don't be dramatic

Terrorize? Don't be dramatic... it's a few kids with knives. Nothing new and honestly not that scary. It's funny how you think it's the mayor's responsibility to stop all crime in the city and that you think a mayor could possibly do that. Do you really think the crime in this city is the result of the mayor not "growing a pair"? He's afraid of the criminals and just lets them run amok around the city with complete impunity? Boston is the safest large city in the US so calm down and be thankful you don't live somewhere where you could get shot in the head for your car or robbed and raped for driving down the wrong street and not running the red light.


Few kids with knives? Nothing scary? Bet you'd be singing a different tune if you were on the receiving end of those knives, mr know-it-all ultra-liberal wealthy white suburb dweller. I'm sure you'd be calling for a SWAT team and national guard if this happened in your town.


A life long friend (which Adam posted on here) was stabbed in the head by "a few KIDS [lunatics] with knives". I'm sure he'd love for you to be in his place when it happened. Maybe you enjoy having staples in your head.

Don't be a target

Unfortunately using a cell phone out of doors turns the user into a neon target shouting out "Rob me!" Using cell phones outside is an open invitation to being robbed.

Victim blaming

This is not Mogadishu or Soweto, people should be able to enjoy their material possessions without having to worry about some thug sticking a knife in their face.


SHOULD, being the key word,

SHOULD, being the key word, People should be able to walk around with possessions and not worry. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. The people that steal are looking for targets. This is Savin Hill, not Candy Land. I grew up in the city, "street smarts" are key. My parents taught me to be aware of my surroundings. When I got an Ipod, I also got generic headphones so no one would know I had an Ipod. Why? because people with Ipods were getting targeted. It may not be nice but it is what it is.

Cell Phone

Over 1.6 million cell phones were reported stolen last year in the US, 10,000 a month in London. Recently 7 cells phone were stolen within an hour on Beacon Hill. it's is happening all over the world.
Walking with your cell phone is like waving $500 in cash, just modern-day purse snatching.
What do you expect from a drug addict, they're desperate?