Sneaker exchange turns into armed robbery in Hyde Park

Somebody who thought he was arranging a sneaker exchange instead found himself surrounded by five guys, at least three armed with knives, shortly after 3 p.m. at West Street and Myopia Road.

The suspects, described as white males, took his wallet and then ran into the nearby George Wright Golf Course. Four wore black hoodies, one a gray hoodie.



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Scene is roughly 1.5 miles from Menino's house

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Just to stave off speculation that Hyde Park is going to hell now that BPD has pulled the single detail cruiser that used to be stationed outside his home in Readville.

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That's only one direction

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Dale St has always had a few punks, however it's still a particularly safe and quite family neighborhood.

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Sketchy behavior will result

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Sketchy behavior will result in sketchy consequences. She exchange? Sketttttch

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I used to live a block away

I used to live a about 100 feet from that intersection. Safe neighborhood. Quiet, lots of single family houses. Our biggest problem was cars speeding down West Street. The city has since installed a stop sign at the corner of West and Austin. I think rumble strips would held too.

But the neighborhood quickly changes once you reach the other side of Hyde Park Ave. Gets kind of sketchy on the east end of West Street. Fewer single family houses. Gang activity at Ross Playground. Feels more like west Mattapan.

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We need to get rid of that golf course. It clearly attracts a bad element. Don't forget, golf is a gateway activity to investment banking. It starts with a sneaker swap, then next thing you know you're selling tranches of mortgage backed securities.

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So, what's a sneaker exchange?

So, I've been following this thread hoping that someone else would ask "what's a sneaker exchange?" so that I didn't have to look like an idiot, but my patience has run out, so I'll be the idiot who asks.

What's a sneaker exchange?

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Well I hope they

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Get some sort of foot fungus.

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