Man captured on video beating, robbing woman at Haymarket T stop

Transit Police report they are looking for the man captured on video attacking a woman around 11 p.m. on Jan. 6 in the passageway from the Green Lien to the Orange Line at Haymarket.



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Late at night, I won't use this underpass from the Orange Line to the Green Line to get to the bus way. I always go upstairs and cross the street. The station is pretty empty at that hour and that underpass is just prime to get mugged.

(and folks, I'm a very large and scary looking guy..)

Of course I can't help but think.. seriously, there's enough cameras down there to film an episode of Survivor, and people still do this stuff?

Would be nice for the MBTA

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Would be nice for the MBTA police to actually be inside the stations beyond coffee conventions and random bag search security theater no?

Ladies could use some pepper spray too.

Pepper spray in a tunnel?

Not a good idea in a tunnel or any sort of confined space.

With the cameras available, they should have panic buttons. Ring one as a joke, get arrest/fine - ring one due to an attack or medical emergency, get help.

Also nice to see that somebody came to her aid and chased off the mugger.

Condescending much?

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Yeah, got it. A tunnel is a tunnel. I'll close my eyes and hold my breath and blast that douche in the eyes and take my chances with the residuals. It's a spray, not mustard gas.

But please, don't let that stop you from providing some anecdotal evidence to the contrary..

Super smart anon

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Close your eyes and hold your breath? You've never been in the marines where you learn this shit.

No marines, and never willingly pepper sprayed myself

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Semper fi to you my friend.

I was never subjected to nor subjected myself to a pepper spraying.

I did however, once pepper spray an attacker in order to to defend myself.

I was in a car and I sprayed an attacker full blast in the face.
I did , in fact, hold my breath and close my eyes and then exited vehicle while attacker was neutralized.

Any law abiding, non felon

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woman or man should be legally allowed to carrythe tools to defend themselves, including pepper spray, even knives and firearms if they are licensed. Bad people out to offend against other people do not obey laws, and use various weapons at their discretion. Law abiding people should not arbitrarily be denied tools to defend themselves. Police can't be everywhere, and in most cases only respond after the fact. Pushing a panic button doesn't cut it.

We should be more concerned with keeping offenders, most of them chronic repeat offenders, off the streets and away from the society they like to abuse, not disarming and neutering innocent, law abiding women and men.

Where did I say they shouldn't?

Please show me where I said that pepper spray should not be allowed?

Almost makes me think that we are dealing with bots here ...

I only said it would be dumb to actually use it in a tunnel or other confined space (e.g. stairwell). Carrying pepper spray, and actually knowing what to do with it/reading the damn label/being trained in how to use it are very different things.

But, hey, feel free to try some out when you are alone in an elevator and see what happens.

BTW - if you read the police alert, the perp said that he had a gun.

Pepper Spray

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Long time ago before I lived in Boston, I was a podunk kid from New Hampshire living in the big city of Atlanta. Now I had never been to a large city (except on class trips), so living there was a lot different.

because I was from a small town, I was nervous a lot, so I bought and carried Pepper Spray (which is legal to do in Georgia). Well it had this safety pin in it so it couldn't be triggered by being in your pocket. Well me and my stupidity lost the pin but carried it around anyways...

One night I got a bit drunk at a bar and was on the dance floor dancing (this was a large club), some how either my keys or smokes or lighter pressed against the can in my pocket and proceeded to spray the entire dance floor with pepper spray. Needless to say, people had to be evacuated, the club was closed, and several people went off to the emergency room with breathing problems (myself included). The police took my can of pepper spray and told me "yeah once you lose the pin, you can't carry this around anymore. We won't issue you a citation for it, but don't do it again"

moral of story: Don't care how big the space is, it really shouldn't be used unless its outdoors.


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Cybah, you were "that guy".

Do you really think that

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Do you really think that would help in this situation? Pepper spray isn't as easy to use as you think it is... it is very easy to spray yourself in the eyes or miss your target or fumble with it. When an attacker is that close it's not very hard for him to take it from you unless you are walking with it in your hand with the nozzle facing forward. It is also not completely disabling and you could simply enrage your attacker and give him a good reason to beat the shit out of you.

As for a knife, do you really think it's a good idea for a small woman to try and stab or cut a large male assailant with a knife? He could easily grab her arm, knock her to the ground and take the knife. The same thing could happen with a gun, but you get the added danger of an unskilled shooter trying to ward off a mugger. If they shoot at the person they could hit them in the head and kill them (yeah muggers are pieces of shit but do they really deserve to die?) or worse yet hit a bystander (not in this case but most muggings don't happen in enclosed tunnels). The best solution is to just give the person your money and run. They obviously need it more than you if they're this desperate and you can always make more money no matter how much of an inconvenience it is.

I am all for the right to carry and I always have a knife with me. I own guns and think everyone should be able to. It really won't help in cases like this, however. If everyone walked around armed it might just give the mugger an incentive to knock the person unconscious from behind instead of just sticking them up, or to just bring a friend along. Relaxing the carry laws in Boston might be a good idea and I support it, but it absolutely won't stop muggings and would probably increase them since muggers could always have a pistol on them without worrying about getting arrested.


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The pro gun nut lobby has found UHub....

You are referencing my above post

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I am not a 'neocon'

I am ideologically middle of the road

I am a non-enrolled (independant) voter

I am absolutely not a 'bot', am a real, live, human being

I am not trolling

I am not a 'shill' for any group

Yes, law abiding people should be allowed weapons to defend themselves and not fear being arbitrarily arrested for carrying them on themselves, such as pepper spray, knives,etc. They should also have right to firearm ownership, not just for defense but for sport, hunting, collecting, whatever the reason. This is my belief, and it's also enshrined in our constitution.For good reasons. If you want to be neutered and disarmed, babied, as a citizen, there are plenty of countries such as the UK you would more enjoy living in.

I am nobody's'lobby', only speak for myself.

anon is a default name. There

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anon is a default name. There are thousands of anons on Uhub. If you haven't figures that out, then sir/madam the internet is not for you.

Welcome To The Joke

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Population - You.

He's joking about the name "anon" actually being someone's name, anon. I suspect you would have figured that out, sooner or later, but I thought I'd save us all some time and clue you in now.

Look, I basically believe as you do - Second Amendment sacred, etc. - but if you're going to screw up your arguments because you left two of your senses at home (common, of humor) then please don't argue for our side. It doesn't help.


These threads

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...are 400% funnier if you assume it's one "anon" who changes his mind every 14 seconds. Especially when they get indignant about being critiqued for not making up a fake name so we can tell them apart. Special bonus points if any of them get indignant enough to compare themselves to the anonymous publishers of the Federalist Papers (which we don't get much of, alas)

How are people "Nutts"

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for supporting LEGAL ownership of firearms. Also, who mentioned anything about guns. Cuckoo!

The nuts

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are.. between my legs.

Are anyone who can take any sort of argument for self defense and turn it into a gun debate.

Thanks for Playing! Now register as a real user on here and remake your point for credibility.

So your'e the Nutt!

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As you're the one who made the transition from Pepper-Spray to Guns.

That was an Anonnnutttt

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Cybah merely contributed experience of real life, something gunnnutts don't have.

Real life?

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So gun owners only own their gun in their dreams. Interesting!

Heaven forbid women have

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Heaven forbid women have pepper spray. I suppose you'll chastise me for having a can of hairspray in my purse?


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Say what you want, but casual robberies like this one will decrease dramatically if people are allowed to carry. A thug will have no second thoughts when he knows the victim has no means of defending him/herself, but he will be much more careful when that iphone in the potential victim's pocket worth $50 at CeX might actually end up being a Ruger LCP, and a trip to CeX might turn into a trip to the ER or six feet under. No one has to actually carry, simply the idea that someone might be is enough of a deterrent.


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So then the "bad guy" just first shoots you dead before you have a chance to react, because obviously you might be packing, and then removes your valuables from your dead body. Great solution Mensanon!

By the by, not relevant for this anon's posting, but related to this conversation, is there one of those Godwin's law things for any argument where people use terms like "good guys" and "bad guys"? Oh yes! It's called GROWTHEFUCKUPINFANTILISM. There are assholes, regular guys, morons, asshats, douchebags, dickheads, pinheads, pieces of shit, fuckin saints, not-a-bad guys, stand-up guys, meh's, ace with me's, who's that's?, fuckwits and fucking idiots but there are no "good guys" and "bad guys", unless you are under the age of 7 and are discussing funny books. If your morality has not gotten past Marvel Comics please stay away from a voting booth.

When did muggers gain second sight?

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As someone who has been mugged twice, I can guarantee you that my muggers, or "thugs" as you call them, did not have any second thoughts in relieving me of my purse, on each occasion. In other words, I really do not think it crossed their minds whether or not I was armed. A "thug" who picks out someone to rob is probably not thinking "Gee, I wonder if I will be peppered sprayed today?" So I am not sure where your idea of him/her having second thoughts comes from, x-ray vision aside.

I guess one could try the line "is that a Ruger LCP" in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

You laugh

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But those 20 square feet inside the Back Bay station where the police convene is almost 100% crime-free during the hours when they are convened there.

So, so far this part week

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we've had multiple armed robberies, a women groped and a guy stabbed in the head by two hip-hop queens.

scary.. was that guy running

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scary.. was that guy running mugger off? good for him if he was. even better for the victim who may have had it worse without that hero chasing that bum


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Not sure that I'm for more cameras, but the ones in place should look better than 5 MP!