Man robbed at gunpoint outside Downtown Crossing game store; suspect nabbed in Public Garden

Boston Police report a man inside the CEX store, 44 Winter St., followed a customer outside last night and, after brandishing a gun, grabbed the person's wallet out of his pants at Winter and Tremont.

Police radioed a description. A state trooper patrolling the Public Garden not long after spotted Eric Watson, 27, and detained him "with no incident."

Watson was scheduled for arraignment today on a charge of armed robbery. Police say they were unable to find the weapon. however.

Innocent, etc.



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Seems like a waste of time

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Why keep going out and stealing phones to sell when you can hang out in the store to see who's about to walk out with cash?

But IF the VICTIM had a GUN

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Like a bigger gun ... like a bazooka or erotically described megasemiatomatic handgun or an Uzi ...


(and there would be three body bags in the morgue - the perp, the victim, and a bystander).

GOSH I feel safe ALREADY!!

I know right. That's why

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I know right. That's why celebrities and VIPs are always surrounded by armies of guys in suits.

Yeah, clearly.

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And I'm sure they go out and hire the first paranoid, trigger-happy amateur gun but they can find. I mean--not like they'd hire a professional bodyguard who'd maybe had actual training or anything.

My mom

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has an FID card. She's 81 and doesn't know what she had for breakfast.

Doubt it. They expire and

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Doubt it. They expire and require in person renewals every few years. A PD will deny a renewal to anyone that looks like they have dementia.

firearms=bike helmets when it

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firearms=bike helmets when it comes to personal safety. Yeah there's data there to support, but also mountains of controversy.


Dude, check that hair. No helmet could tame that.


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Gee even I can understand that this was sarcasm (anon's main comment)

Only because in another thread on this website there is/was a gun debate (or someone troll'd and tried to make it one)

Probably didn't help that the

Probably didn't help that the victim got a clear look at the suspect: teardrop tattoo under eye, face scar and polar bear hat with ear flaps and all...

DTX = Beverly Hills

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By all accounts Downtown Crossing will become the new Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive the second the Filene's project is built.

Can Someone please tell the criminals, homeless and junkies that?

I don't think they got the memo.