Massive manhunt after prisoner escapes at Faulkner Hospital

Stanley Staco reports that a prisoner brought to Faulkner for medical treatment escaped his Boston Police guard around 2:50 a.m.

Boston and State Police officers and dogs flooded the area and the unarmed man was recaptured nearby about an hour later.



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    well, that explains all the deafening sirens at 3AM

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    Nothing like being woken up at 3AM to the sound of tons of sirens, including those "rumbling" ones.

    Because, you know, at 3AM...there's such huge number of people to warn to get out of your way. Sure. Just wake up a thousand or so people, no big deal.

    Never ceases to amaze me what dicks Boston cops and EMS are with their sirens, and how fast Boston cops drive. Go over to Cambridge in particular and the cops don't do much over the speed limit, and only use their sirens when necessary.

    In the UK, you're required to go through a special national course in order to be permitted to drive with emergency lights. They learn things like: not leaning on the siren when the road is blocked and drivers can't go anywhere (for example, on Huntington Avenue.) Why? Because it pressures drivers to run lights and can cause crashes, and really, all it does is just annoy people.

    There is a manhunt for an

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    There is a manhunt for an escaped prisoner and you are whining about sirens? Glad the escapee didn't visit your house. P.S. No one cares what happens in the people's republic of Cambridge.

    Sirens protect the city and police from lawsuits......

    Now good emergency driving skills are the most important, but if an emergency vehicle gets in a crash and the driver did not have its sirens on, they could be liable.

    Also, sirens are not productive when looking for wanted persons (scares them away) those sirens you heard last night were probably for something else. Boston and state police are usually pretty good about that practice.

    Good Point, I was wondering

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    Good Point, I was wondering why police would have sirens going for a manhunt, they would just scare the perp. I'm sure the sirens had nothing to do with living in close proximity to The Faulkner.