Another armed home invasion and pistol whipping on Blue Hill Avenue

This morning at 1096 Blue Hill Ave.

Suspects are described as four very thin Hispanic males, two of whom ran down Blue Hill Avenue toward Morton Street. The other two were in a red vehicle that police stopped on Blue Hill Avenue and who are now being questioned.

Last night, residents of an apartment at 369 Blue Hill Ave. were also pistol whipped during a home invasion. Yesterday morning, an armed home invasion on Esmond Street a couple blocks from Blue Hill Avenue ended with one suspect dead and another under arrest.



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A Dream

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I wish there was enough jobs in Boston and an end to slavery. - Im sorry, I mean poverty or are they the same things? Until than these crimes will contunie to occur. Modern day slavery is something else. SMH

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Really man? That's the excuse

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Really man? That's the excuse you come up with?there's plenty of blacks that have jobs and put an effort in if theses punks put the effort of home invading into getting a job they would have one I'm the only white guy at my job, I'm from Dorchester I know how it goes

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Home invasion?? Really drug

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Home invasion?? Really drug invasion??? No jobs right about that!! We have almost a million people in boston!! How many jobs?? We have almost seven billion people in the world!! How many jobs??

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This is their job

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The people who do this kind of thing have no job and have no intention of ever getting a job.

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