Police: Crook uses brick to get into bank after hours; cop uses ATM card to get in and arrest him

Boston Police report arresting a man who tried to rob a bank well after it was closed.

Police say Henry Soto, 33, of Dorchester, used a brick to smash open a door at the Citizen Bank branch at 572 Columbia Rd. around 12:10 a.m. today. That set off an alarm, which brought officers racing to the scene:

On arrival, officers observed an inner glass door leading directly into the bank lobby was damaged and noticed the suspect standing behind the teller counter. A quick thinking officer used his ATM Card to gain access to the ATM lobby allowing officers to climb through the broken glass door into the bank. The suspect ran from officers and headed to the rear of the bank. With no where else to run the suspect resisted officers and a brief struggle followed ending when the officers handcuffed the suspect.

Soto was charged with breaking and entering, trespassing, receiving stolen goods, destruction of personal property and resisting arrest.

Innocent, etc.



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I'm no expert

on the subject of breaking and entering, but it seems to me that busting into a bank after hours would probably not be the type of establishment I would choose. Is there anything in one, that's not in a vault, worth stealing? Even the pens are chained down.

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Who said

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criminals were smart? Chief Inspector Daniels - from The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1974 version).

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The madness will only stop

when the people in the community refuse to accept it. Policing is a complement to community standards and blaming them is a waste of time.

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It's easier to blame drugs,

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It's easier to blame drugs, guns, and knives for violence and pass laws to ban them or hold symbolic yet useless vigils/marches/meetings than it is to deal with the root of the problem: people with no respect for life. Currently society blames violent actor's environment, upbringing, financial status, ability to get their hands on banned items, rather than addressing that some people are just shitty people that need to be dealt with harshly.

Society fails to note the majority of people in terrible environments, with questionable upbringings, bad financial status, and easy access to banned items DON'T TURN INTO MURDEROUS SCUMBAGS. It is all a matter of individual character and how a neighborhood deals with bad characters.

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