Man from Maine was loaded for bear - until Transit Police got a hold of him

Transit Police report a Mainer headed for New York City by way of South Station was packing a Ruger 9-mm gun and a Taurus .22-caliber. gun - and a magazine containing 15 rounds of 9-mm ammunition.

Transit Police officers, alerted by law enforcement in Hancock County, Maine, were waiting for Christopher Loucks, 28, and promptly put him under arrest after he got off the bus around 6:30 p.m. yesterday.

Loucks is scheduled for arraignment today in Boston Municipal Court on charges of illegal weapons possession and knowingly receiving stolen property.

Innocent, etc.



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Not carved in stone...

...but as I recall the law, open carry is legal in Maine. Concealed needs a permit. There are exceptions, like a certified lunatic, convicted felon or a person in rehab. If he is the pointy screwdriver guy, then he probably lost his carry/possession rights. Someone dimed him out, the Hancock county sheriff made a call, all ended the way it should.
Second Amendment rights for those not prone to pointy screwdriver attacks in pizza places are preserved.
Sounds to me like a balance well struck, although going after a bear with a Taurus .22 sounds like a lot of bull.

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With 15 rounds?

Not much with the Ruger 9mm.

Even less with the Taurus 22 since 22LR ammo is hard to find right now. Report doesn't say he had any 22 ammo on him.

Maybe he's just a small times firearms trader.

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If he were a small-time

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If he were a small-time firearms trader, he'd have permits to carry everywhere he went. Virtually every state in New England has non-reciprocal permits.

Unless you meant that other kind of small-time firearms trader.

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You could barely stop a sheep with that weak-ass load.

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Ya assuming

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He planned on shooting someone, i have owned a gun as a Boston resident since the age of 8 (under my fathers FID) and have never shot anyone. But according to UHub were all nuts, racists and extremists and the thugs who illegally own them are victim and a product of their environment. mmmmmm and im the crazy one!

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You don't take screwdrivers to pizza places, either.

The problem is that this guy was transiting a state that requires permits, without said permit. He was travelling to a state that requires permits, again without permit.

He'd already lost his carrying privileges in his home state due to past bad behavior.

I suspect that he "borrowed" a friend's gun without asking, who then dropped a dime on him.

One size doesn't fit all. And I sincerely doubt that everyone with a gun is a gun nut. Uhub is anything but an echo chamber; there are a lot of sane, normal people here (who do our level best to ignore the bike vs car wars). Please, please stop assuming that "liberal" means "pacifist". They're not the same at all.

Actions will out; this guy's actions are at best creepy weird and at worst effing dangerous.

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