Roslindale man charged with beating, robbery at Haymarket T stop

Transit Police report arresting Raymond Castillo, 34, on charges he's the man seen on video attacking a woman in a passageway at the Haymarket T stop on Jan. 6 - and getting away with all of $2.

Boston Municipal Court Judge Annette Forde imposed $25,000 bail at Castillo's arraignment on charges of armed robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Castillo, who has past convictions for breaking and entering, distribution of a Class B substance, shoplifting, larceny and malicious destruction of property, knocked his victim to the ground, "got on top of her, and went through her pockets" - and ran away with the $2 he found - prosecutors say.

Two bystanders chased him, but he managed to flee them - although not the T's surveillance cameras, which showed that after he ran from the station, he returned a few minutes later through another entrance, the DA's office says:

The footage also shows him switching jackets with a female companion on the Orange Line platform and placing his backpack inside her backpack. ...

After footage of the robbery was provided to the media and public, officers received an anonymous tip that Castillo could be located at a Roslindale address. Upon arrival, officers learned that Castillo had moved out months earlier, but witnesses who knew him positively identified him as the man seen in surveillance images, prosecutors said.

Police also found the woman but she is not facing charges because "the evidence does not suggest that she knew of his plans to commit the robbery or knowingly assisted him escape in its aftermath," the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.



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taken care of?? Sally, this

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taken care of?? Sally, this guy will be looking for his next victim in weeks. This is Massachusetts.

If you don't think

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This guy will back out wwith only a slap on the wrist you are kidding yourself. That is the way things work. Aleman had about 50 arrests and he was still walking the streets before killing Amy Lord. The courts will not keep the citizens safe.


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[Alleged] Bastard.

Use logic, man!

According to countless aggrieved residents of South Boston (or one resident, with countless sock puppets), Adam ONLY reports on bad things that happen in Southie -- so, if he is reporting something bad, it MUST have happened in Southie, right?


Way to make Rozzie look good

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Way to make Rozzie look good Raymond - takes a big man to rob and beat a defenseless woman.

It would be interesting to have a reporter follow this case through the end. I am sure we will be seeing Raymond walking the streets of Rozzie very soon - after all, this is Massachusetts. My prediction, assault within 6 months. Keep your heads up neighbors.


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The T cops missed him when he was threatening her on the golf course with his friends, holding onto the roof of her car, and chasing her down the K-12. But in the end he got his two dollars.

Question for Adam

Erickson, who has past convictions for breaking and entering ...

I thought his name was Castillo?