Police: Charlestown man carjacks cab, is arrested with help of another cabbie

Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man they say stole a cab early this morning after the driver refused to take him home because he appeared drunk and was fleeing after shoplifting something at a local Tedeschi.

Police say Sakaria Mohamud got into a cab parked at the 140 Main St. Tedeschi shortly before 4 a.m. and demanded to be taken to Bunker Hill Street and Corey Street. But the cabbie, who had just pulled into the store lot as a clerk and a security guard were arguing with Mohamud, refused:

The victim further reported when he got out the taxi, to remove the suspect, the suspect slid across the back seat and got out on the driver side. The victim stated, after a brief struggle the suspect got into the driver’s side of the cab and drove off at a high rate of speed with the victim chasing on foot.

Police say officers on either side of the Charlestown Bridge began looking for the cab:

A short time later another cab driver observed the stolen taxi in the area of Massachusetts Avenue. Officers subsequently, located the stolen taxi on Columbia Road at the ramp of 93 towards the Thomas P O’Neill Tunnel. The male operator Sakaria Mohamud, 30 years old of Charlestown was positively identified by the victim and several witnesses as the individual who stole his cab.

He is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Charlestown District Court on charges of carjacking, assault and battery on somebody over 65 and shoplifting.

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Adam - might want to check

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Adam - might want to check the grammar of that first sentenced. The suspect isn't the only one who was appeared drunk based on your sentence structure! ;)

No. Not fixed.

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No. Not fixed.

the driver refused to take him home because he was appeared drunk

Potential 15 year sentence

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Potential 15 year state prison sentence on the carjacking charge alone. Any guesses on bail? I predict personal recognizance.

Another datum

For those who believe that most criminals aren't very smart. I mean, one would think that "gee, I'll beat up an old man and steal an obvious vehicle with a bunch of numbers on it" is not a good plan when trying to avoid being collared for shoplifting.

Doubly stupid when Bunker Hill and Corey is at most a half mile walk from that store with a maze of crazy little streets and alleys and such to disappear into in between.