DA: Convicted drug dealer screaming at ex at 2 a.m. was driving around with a loaded gun, and that's a no-no

A man with past convictions for drug dealing and beating a public employee wound up under arrest early Saturday when police responding to a report of gunfire found him yelling at his ex-girlfriend through her car window - near his running SUV with a loaded gun in the center console - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Jeff Anilus, 32, of Dorchester, had bail set at $35,000 in Dorchester District Court today on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm, assault and battery and drinking in public, and, because of his past convictions, being a Level III armed career criminal, the DA's office says.

According to the DA's office, officers found Anilus holding an open Heineken bottle in one hand and yelling at his ex when they arrived on Becket Street around 2 a.m., Saturday:

Officers separated the two parties and undertook a series of brief interviews. Based on the statements of various witnesses, they learned that Anilus and the woman were having an argument and that he had snatched the hat off of her head and thrown it into a nearby yard.

Using their flashlights, officers looked through the window of the idling Land Cruiser, which was registered to Anilus’ mother. Inside, they observed a case of Heineken in the back seat, a spent shell casing in the area behind the driver’s seat, and a Lorcin 9mm semiautomatic handgun on the center console. When seized, the handgun was found to be loaded with three rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. When asked, Anilus allegedly stated that he had no license to carry the firearm.

Innocent, etc.



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That's what happens when u

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That's what happens when u allow these guys to get out of jail each time they are busted. Next time I am afraid it will be much worse.. What an angry little degenerate

I think

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It's more what happens when you give guys like these Heineken.

So a guy which should have

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So a guy which should have still been in prison by any application of any mandatory minimums for the variety of offenses he was obviously previously charged and convicted with is out already? WTF judges WTF!?

Level what?

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"Level III armed career criminal" What level go you get to before staying in prison?
Gun and shell casing in the car, a case of road sodas in the car, and drinking in public while disturbing the peace.
To think I was nervous when the "blinker" in my car was out for a day last week.

Damn right to be nervous....

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Because you know some copper in a bad mood would have seen you make a turn without a directional. Then accused you of running the light. By the time you were done; you would have had a moving violation - which would have affected your insurance. It could have been a really bad day.

But get hauled in for DUI or Level III criminal offense gets you only a short 'staycation' in the pokey and then back to your regularly scheduled program.

All kidding aside; it must be frustrating to be in law enforcement. You bust your butt (yes, most cops do work damn hard) to get control of the criminal element only to see the same crooks back on the street at the change of the next season.

I would love to see the mandatory prison time for possession of an unlicensed firearm modified. First offense = 1 year; second offense = 5 years; third offense 10 years. Then any other prison time to be served in addition to the firearm offense. Given the recent increase in gang activity within the city limits; perhaps we could get a few thugs off the street for a longer period of time.