In Roslindale, man stabbed repeatedly, woman smashed in the head with something

Police are at 190 Blue Ledge Drive in the Stony Brook Commons townhouse complex, investigating how a man in an apartment there got stabbed several times while a woman in a building across the street got hit in the head with something hard.

Because of the severity of the man's injuries, the homicide unit has been summoned.

On Jan,. 9, a teenager was stabbed to death in the nearby Georgetowne complex.



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Stony Brook

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Has always been a problem, Its a massive section 8 complex which is poorly designed and almost impossible to police/patrol.

section 8 complex

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Ur an idiot ... Beech street housing,next door is for section 8 ! Stony brook is a gated community !


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High Point, idiot.


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About 2/5 is section 8, and beech at is a housing project.

Yeeeeeeah, I lived in one of

Yeeeeeeah, I lived in one of those mixed-income communities. I think it had less than 20% Section 8, and even though the majority of the complex was market-rate rents, the minority of Section 8 tenants made it terrible for everyone. I also lived next door to a house rented to Section 8 tenant. Uh-uh. Two horrible experiences taught me that Section 8 is something to avoid.

a small - but vocal - percentage

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There's always been a breadth of voices commenting here at UH, including those with unfocussed or unfortunate resentments. But in the last year or so, the site seems to have attracted the attention of more people with axes to grind and less respect for their online/real-life neighbors.

A side effect of its increased popularity, I guess. Trolls go where the bridges are.

The overwhelming majority of readers (and commenters) here are reasonable and civil. Which ironically means they usually don't get involved in angry exchanges like the above.

A small amount is section 8

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A small amount is section 8 and only for a certain number of years according to city regulation. The market price there has been rising forcing those with lower incomes to leave, like much of Roslindale in the last few years. It is actually a safe place do this is an unlikely and unfortunate circumstance.


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I just don't understand how there is no news on this? How is this not been covered?
Theres meant to be 24hr security!!! Its a gated community for crying out loud !!
Why is there no mention of this anywhere else?
Apparently there were two people bashed with bats and one stabbed I mean WTF?????

Stony Brook Commons Stabbing

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This is an unusual event for the Commons recently. The section 8 population has been decreasing since the owner declined to renew the section 8 agreement with the feds after 40 years. By law section 8 renters cannot be evicted. They are tenants at will paying subsidized rents but as they leave the apartments are rented at market rates. As for it being a gated community, until we know what happened why assume it was some one who shouldn't have been on the property. Perhaps it involved residents, perhaps it involved some one who was there as a visitor. Also, a heck of a lot of crime goes on everywhere, not just where there is section 8 housing, so let's lighten up on that angle.

is it me...

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Or has Roslindale gotten a LOT more violent in the past couple years?

Damn, I remember when my

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Damn, I remember when my grandfather moved to Roslindale from Mattapan in the 80s, to be in a safer area. I wouldn't recommend that today.