Audi shot up in Mattapan

Stanley Staco reports somebody pumped several bullets into the car, parked on West Selden Street, around 11 p.m.



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A $40k+ car parked in a neighborhood where average household income is well under $40k, go figure...

Kinda like when my neighbor's

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Kinda like when my neighbor's doctor son comes to visit his mother in the 'hood for a few days. Go figure...

Don't let your "facts" get in the way of my misconceptions, bro!

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Median household income in Mattapan is about $45k/year. Not sure about the average, but it can't be too far off. The per capita income is $20k/year (compared to $30k/year for Boston as a whole). Believe it or not, a lot of people in Mattapan have good jobs these days and a lot of it feels economically vibrant, even if the poverty and crime rates are too high.

Boston has some rough neighborhoods, but you can't just think "poor dangerous black neighborhood" and have caricatured images of Detroit and Compton dancing your mind. Misconceptions like these among white people is a large part of why Mattapan has problems in the first place.

Audi isn't even that "nice"

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Audi isn't even that "nice" compared to some of the luxury vehicles in the area. Great money managers. If you find this interesting you should drive by the projects sometime, any one of them.