Two teens charged with stealing hot subs at gunpoint; two more sought

Updated Thursday, 1:20 p.m.

Boston Police report arresting two teens on charges they were part of a pack that held up a food-delivery guy last night in Roxbury - and stole his food.

Police say the delivery man was surrounded shortly before 9 p.m. at Copeland and Waverly streets, where he was relieved of the four subs he was delivering.

Officers arriving on scene quickly found two of the four a couple blocks away at Walnut and Fenno - and then chased the two into an apartment building on Fenno:

In the best interests of officer safety, officers conducted a pat frisk of the suspects for the presence of weapons, however, no weapons were found inside the location. However, officers did locate and observe two submarine sandwiches still warm to the touch.

The teens, one 15 and one 16, were charged with armed robbery. Police eventually did recover a gun on Fenno.



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Nice! Two caught and a gun.

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Nice! Two caught and a gun. Probably not a good idea to rob someone when you will be leaving a trail of footprints.

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Really.... People found the

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Really.... People found the time to rob someone in 11 feet of snow!!! Desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess...smh

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But let's shield their identities

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from the public. And you can thank that horribly failed social experiment called the "juvenile justice system" for that.

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you'd think paying for the

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you'd think paying for the food would be cheaper and easier than armed robbery

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