Dorchester pizza-delivery guy robbed of phone, cash, car and pizza

Police are looking for a trio of Hispanic men who held up a pizza deliverer at gunpoint around 9:40 p.m. outside 145 Intervale St. - to which he'd been summoned with a pizza.

After taking his phone, money and the pizza, one of the men drove off in his silver Isuzu Rodeo. The other two then stood there, opened up the pizza box and began eating, as the driver fled to Columbia Road.



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You know something is very

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You know something is very wrong with the judicial system when criminals have so little concern for the consequences of breaking the law that they can rob a pizza delivery guy of his vehicle and STAND AROUND AT THE CRIME SCENE EATING PIZZA.


The BPD was

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Busy filming a tv show.



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Is completely irrelevant when you have a bunch of bleeding heart judges playing catch and release.

This is one of the dumbest crimes ever

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Armed robbery for pizza and change. I hope they get to enjoy 20 years at Walpole or Souza- B.

Intervale St should be a no-go area for pizza delivery guys. Just raze the whole street.


I think you missed something.

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It was armed robbery for pizza, change, and an entire car. I imagine the money could get for the car (a couple thousand?) might be worth the risk of the crime, in their eyes.


Stop delivering pizza!

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That's right dumb Asses! When said pizza delivery says NO MORE PIZZA and NO MORE MAIL for this section then the momma a and the baby dads MIGHT educate there children that this is wrong .