Mass. Ave. Dunkin' Donuts robbed at gunpoint

Around 9:15 p.m. by a black man, who jumped into a purple, 1999 Corolla, Mass. 2JG-D90, headed outbound. About 10 minutes later, a man in that car was stopped at Centre and Cedar streets in Roxbury.



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Let me guess

They followed the tracks in the slush on the street.

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Execute the piece of crap for pulling a gun on somebody who didn't have a gun and then rent out where he lives to somebody who's on their way to being priced out of another Boston neighborhood.

Seriously, executing the 1,000 worst Bostonians would go a long way to improving quality of life in Boston.

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Just no.

Your schtick is getting really, really stale.

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Will LaTulippe visits different websites

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"Those Arabs over there are so barbaric!"
"China executes people for minor crimes, unlike us Americans who value life and liberty."
"You may disagree with some of his decisions, but Ronald Reagan was a great man."

And this website, maybe next Sunday:
"We should execute anyone that appears to be a murderous thug!"

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No need for that, but locking up the gun-toting, heroin-peddling gangbangers once caught instead of letting them out on personal recognizance or laughably low bail hoping they will return to court a year later just might to the trick. I guarantee the top 100 worst thugs currently roaming the streets are all out on bail or parole.

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Lame on 2 counts

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1) Innocent until proven guilty means the government can't just lock up everyone it arrests until their trial rolls around.
2) Are you honestly willing to pay the kind of increased taxes necessary to house and feed everyone who is arrested from the time of arrest until the end of their trial? Plus the costs of taking care of any dependents that person supports? And good luck getting back to their job if they are finally found not guilty so more unemployment. Etc.

If we're going that route, how about we start with the drunk drivers.

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1) Thug caught in the process of shooting/stabbing someone or selling heroin to neighborhood kids should not be released on a $500 bail.

2) We're already paying to house/clothe/feed them - are you really delusional enough to believe thugs who make uhub news on a daily basis are, aside from that one isolated incident when they got shooty/stabby, hard-working, rent-paying, law-abiding citizens? Locking them up is much cheaper than section 8/welfare/food stamps and $1 million hospital visits every few years when they shoot someone or get shot.

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