Police: Dorchester raid yields machetes, rifle, bullet-proof vests, Molly and testosterone

Boston Police report drug officers who raided a house at 11 Treadway Rd. yesterday morning recovered quite a stash:

Upon executing the search warrant at 11 Treadway Road, detectives encountered two more suspects and recovered a loaded .22 caliber rifle, 5 pounds of marijuana, 627 Grams of MDMA (Molly) 2 bottles of Testosterone (steroid) 3 machetes, 2 bullet proof vests, white zip ties, blue latex gloves and 2 blue wool hats transformed into masks with an area cut out for the eyes.

Police say officers from the Drug Control Unit had the house under surveillance when they saw what appeared to be a drug transaction around 10:30 a.m. involving two men who then got into a car that drove off.

Officers followed and stopped the car outside 295 Freeport St.:

A large plastic bag of marijuana was located inside the black bag that one of the suspects had tossed inside the trunk. The plastic bag was officially measured at a half pound. Both suspects were taken into custody.

Officers then got a search warrant for 11 Treadway, police say.

Lanh Huynh and Tommy Nguyen, both 19 and both from Dorchester, were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute as a result of the Freeport Street stop, police say.

At Treadway, Hau Huynh, 23, of Dorchester, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of Class E steroids with intent to distribute, trafficking Class B drugs (Molly), unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Hienh Danh Huynh, 20, of Dorchester was arrested on a charge of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.



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A reasonable judge would lock

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A reasonable judge would lock them up and throw away key given odds that they would have killed someone in near future. Nice job by police to catch these future killers.


Thought Crime?

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So your contention is that we just presume certain people will commit murder somewhere down the road in the future, and therefore should just lock them up forever? What if we decide that you'll commit murder someday and lock you up? You'd be ok with that? Of course not. It's a good thing the founders of this country saw fit to write our legal rights into the Constitution, otherwise brilliant scholars like yourself would have us all locked up on the presumption that we'll probably commit a crime someday.



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Stop pretending like you are some all-knowing legal expert, I can smell your BS through my screen. The marijuana charges will easily stick with clear-cut evidence of a transaction and such a large amount of product.

In regards to locking them up and throwing away the key that's a debatable issue. Granted these dealers are relatively young but clearly they had enough drugs and firepower to be considered potential career criminals. Would you rather they get a slap on the wrist for a first sentence and be back on the street in 5 years more desperate and money hungry than ever before?


Why are you getting so upset?

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Relax, dude. There's nothing to get angry about.

Anyway, I never claimed to be a legal expert. Please show us all where I said that I was. Also, If you feel that people should be locked up for crimes they haven't committed yet, then go ahead and write to your local member of congress and ask that our constitutional rights be shredded. Have a nice day.


You write

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as if your opinion is fact (i.e. an expert opinion); I'm just here to help bring you back down to Earth. No one is saying these dealers should be charged with crimes they haven't committed yet... but the key word is YET. Call me crazy but I think we can all assume those masks, gloves and weapons weren't being used to play innocent games of cops n robbers... dangerous career criminals hardly deserve the same constitutional rights as law abiding citizens given that they are breaking the social contract by willingly partaking in criminal activity.

Not buying it...

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Charge them with illegal firearms possession, but the state cannot presume that someone was planning a specific crime unless there is some evidence of conspiracy.

hmmm sarcasm?

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Because that is nowhere near Walsh's neighborhood, its on the fringe of an area in Dot that will continue to be neglected regardless of who's in City Hall...

Either way I'm sure they had been "pulling that crap" for years already considering how much weight they were working with. Small victory at best, just a void to be filled by competitors...


Tread way road

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This area has always been a bit sketchy. Technically it IS part of Savin Hill and part of the new mayor's neighborhood.

Mayor Walsh

Uhmmm....Treadway Street is 4 blocks from Mayor Walsh's home. That is somewhere near; maybe a 7 minute slow stroll


savin hill

I don't think these wanna-be gang bangers are too up on who our elected officials are. dollars to donuts they are not registered voters

Bullet proof vests....

And all that other stuff they had shows that they are a criminal organization that was at least preparing for some sort of armed encounter with rival gangs, the police, or innocent people they planned to kidnap, rob, and possibly hurt.

If this was an armored car company that they had a warrant for their building, the guns and vests might not be that big a deal.



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If the perps had been white I guarantee you wouldn't have posted that.


Only possible conviction is for crimes committed

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Whether these guys are planning a theft or other crime doesn't matter when they reach court. They can only be tried and sentenced for crimes proven. The strength and sometimes weakness of our legal system. But each conviction could include a sentencing that is consecutive. That would put them away for a while.

Yet there is a larger problem. More people put away. What is the maximum we are willing to spend to incarcerate? Not to suggest that there are not people who are intrinsically dangerous. For better or worse one thing that the U.S. produces in impressive quantity are dangerous people. Don't know if it is the nature of a greed is great theology and gross differences in economic class or if it's something in the water.


If one is conspiring to commit some major crime AND has already taken at least one overt step in furtherance of carrying out conspiracy, one can be arrested even though the _planned_ crime has not yet occurred.