Shots fired in Egleston Square

Around 3:15 p.m., somebody fired three shots. No apparent victims, but police found shell casings at School Street and Weld Avenue. Police are looking for a small black car seen fleeing the area, as well as for somebody seen jumping on a T bus right after the shots.



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Saw the police cars...

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At least five headed to Egleston but no little black car. T cameras on the bus should help, no?

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Provided it actually has a camera

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I take the 21 from Forest Hills to Ashmont pretty regularly; maybe 10% of the buses have cameras. You'd think a bus that stops at Blue Hill and Morton Street would have a camera, right? Not that I've ever seen a crime or anything like that - it's just a dumb oversight.

I'm not sure what bus this guy jumped on, but camera not guaranteed in certain parts of town.

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