Police: Casanova strikes out with woman on bus, so he attacks bus driver instead


Transit Police report arresting Joel Casanova, 34, of Dorchester, on charges he attacked the driver of his 22 bus after a woman whose attentions he sought told him to leave her alone.

Police described the incident as the bus traveled north on Blue Hill Avenue near Columbia Road around 9:50 a.m. on Saturday:

The female passenger requested she be left alone and Casanova relocated to the rear of the bus and began to shout profanities and threats directed at the bus operator without provocation. Shortly thereafter Casanova rose from his seat and charged towards the bus operator while the bus was in operation. The operator fearing for his safety as well as that of the passengers stopped the bus. Upon reaching the bus operator, who was still seated, Casanova forcefully pushed the operators head into the driver's side window. Casanova then fled the bus.

Officers caught up to Casanova who appeared to be intoxicated, Casanova stated his desire to "punch the operator in the mouth". When informed that would not be possible Casanova inquired of the officer if he (Casanova) could "punch" the officer in the mouth instead.

Casanova was charged with assault and battery on a public employee and interfering with public transportation. He is scheduled for arraignment today in Dorchester District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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People who attack bus drivers

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People who attack bus drivers are the biggest cowards out there. Even bigger than the cowards that harrass the women riding the bus. You know the driver isn't going to be paying attention to you, or crash the bus to fight back!

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Hung in those areas they pray

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Hung in those areas they pray on the weak, if you can fight they have to pull weopons or they attack the defenseless its in the geans.

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Atrocious spelling

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prey, not pray. look it up. also weapons, genes.

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bus beatings

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One of these days someone is either going to mortally wound the driver or cause the bus to crash into pedestrians killing several people

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He sounds familiar...

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I feel like this guy has made an appearance for other crimes on the blog before,. and there was a similar play on Casanova in the headline. A repeat offender?

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