Roslindale bank held up

The Commonwealth Cooperative Bank, in that new building up near Forest Hills at 3815 Washington St., around 9:35 a.m. by a light-skinned black man last seen running towards Archdale.



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You have me confused here.

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You have me confused here. Your page maps it down by where McClays ice house was, a desolate wasteland. I couldnt figure who would build a bank there, maybe easy access robbery take out window. But alas , our friend Google shows it to be Jamaica Plain Office 3815 Washington Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 , down by the old Boston Gas at McBride street close to the old Drinking Fountain.

Nahh, it's in Roslindale

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The bank's website says they are at 3815 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 but that's not really where they are. If you change JP to Roslindale and Google that, it places the pointer just past Ukraine Street heading away from Forest Hills (before the car wash and headstone factory.) That's actually where the bank is.

Okay , my GPS memory is rusty

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Okay , my GPS memory is rusty , but a bank there , wow , desolate . Easy pickins, i'd say . Archdale being up the street as well . But who knew..

We're in the early stages of SimCitification there

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It's in the larger of the two buildings with the large green walls that recently opened up. If they succeed, I bet you will see more multi-story projects marching down Washington Street, replacing the monument places, the wood place, the sandwich shop, the Emporium, etc. And then somebody will buy Puritan Ice Cream and turn it into condos.

Its new construction

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on a once empty lot next Wellsmere Monuments (the grave stone place).

OK, so where's the line?

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Archdale is clearly Roslindale, and even the bank building has an 02131 Zip code. If I had my druthers, I would have just said "Washington Street bank held up" (just like I did with the bank on West Broadway about 5 minutes earlier), but, alas, that's so vague as to be far more useless, given how many Washington Streets we have.

Maybe not everybody

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Parkway (W. Rox, Roslindale) Little League boundry map clearly does not include the Archdale Development.

The line is

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Basically between Wellsemere Monuments and the new building housing Harvest, MSPCC and ect.

Roslindale-JP Line

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The line is just north of Mahler Rd.

The bank is in the new building that houses the Harvest Market.

It's in JP.

The line somewhat follows the tracks then crosses at Southbourne Rd on the Hyde Park Ave side. North of there is JP, and south of there is Roslindale.

It is Rozzie;Hello Ghettodale!!!!

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ok Here's the Deal. the actual land it sits on it Rozzie. However, they do have a JP zip and address. back in the day Forest hils station and cemtery was part of Rozzie with Rozzie zip codes. As some point the local in the area petitioned the city to change from a Rozzie zip to a JP Zip as JP was up in coming and Rozzie was turning into a dump. George Wright golf course is also in rozzie as well as part of centre street near the Falkner hospital.
on this end of town local local wanted to be part of Westie because of Rozzie bad rap.
Refer to ciyof

Bottom line is that this part of town is getting WAAAAAAAY to much crime and no one seems to care much. The fact is that becuase Rozzie does not have it own Police station outside gangs think that thet can own the town. Unless local officals do sometihng about this it will go from Rozzie to Ghettodale within 3-5year