Man shot in Roslindale, taken away in critical condition

Boston Police report a man was shot around 1 a.m. outside 381 Hyde Park Ave..

Police say the man, in his 30s and found lying on his side in a driveway, was taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

In January, a teen was shot to death on Rowe Street.



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an shot 381 Hyde Park Ave.

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What the heck is going on? I think there is gang activity on Hyde Park / Mattapan line. Would love to know if other cities have succeeded in taking guns off the streets. I guess we can't blame young people for resorting to violence. People are not good about solving conflict. So, what do people see on TV and in the movies? People solving issues by being tough guys. Always talking tough, threatening, beating and killing. Even the Super Bowl had violent ads. The older generations are sick to let this stuff permeate society, whether it be the media, or techno games. No wonder young people behave the way they do. All of us are part of the problem because we are not a part of any solution.

Stop condoning behavior by making excuses

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I take it you haven't been listening to rap music since I dunno 1985? The reason why there is so much violence in the media is because there is a market for it.

Outside of inner city gangs and trailer trash most of the country isn't killing each other because of it. Kids killing each other has more to do with their family problems and attitude toward life. They don't have anything resembling a functional or loving family so they turn to gangs for companionship. Their attitude toward life is that they are worthless and that other people's lives are worthless. So they have no problem killing and stealing to get whatever they want that makes them feel good. The momentary satisfaction, love, or power they get from the thug life is considered to be worth it because they assume life is going to be very short.

Hyde Park/Mattapan?

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Um, the shooting was in Roslindale. Wood Ave or whoever might or might not have something to do about it (I actually have no info, but the universe is that everyone on the planet either shot the guy or didn't) but if you think somehow the goings on in another neighborhood affects Roslindale, why stop at Mattapan. And giving the old school dig someone else gave you, maybe it was the X-Men. Or M-I-B. Or the Humboldt Raiders. Or the Sharks for that matter.

I hope the guy pulls through. And I hope that if he knows who shot him he shows some balls and says who did it.

drug activity

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along hyde park ave - still have no idea why BPD hasn't stepped up patrols in this area.

Interesting. I think someone

Interesting. I think someone else was posting about this last year. It's always seemed quiet over there, but I suppose that someone could be quietly dealing cocaine.

I live in the area

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There were people dealing in front of my house a few years ago I kept calling it in and the police finally caught them... no longer see them on my street, but have seen people dealing on the residential streets just over the RR tracks along hyde park ave. I know deals sometimes go bad, so it's not surprising when someone gets shot - however - this is area is a nice area with a lot of middle class families with young kids... so none of us are going to be intimidated into not calling the cops.

Don't blame this shooting on other neighborhoods!

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This shooting happened in Roslindale, not Mattapan or Hyde Park. While it's never nice to have to deal with violence in (I'm assuming here) one's own neighborhood, blaming the issue on other neighborhoods "bringing their troubles" to your neck of the woods is not only wrong, it's also a truly ineffective approach to solving the problem.

The fact is that there's violence in Roslindale. Start with the facts, go from there and try to find out a way from it happening again.

HP ave in Rosi has become a sh!t magnet

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Just discovered this site. I grew up in Roslindale and I'm now 46. I have been trying to get my mom to move for years from HP ave/Rosi - the neighborhood just gets worse as each year passes. Some lovely punks recently gang tagged the retaining wall and one even left a little "present" right out in from of her house. Who takes a dump out in public on a main street? What the hell is going on in this area?! Why aren't the police patroling this are more often?