Man stabbed in Fields Corner phone grab

A man was stabbed in the leg at Dorchester Avenue and Adams Street shortly after 11 p.m. by one of two men, who grabbed his phone, then ran down Adams Street towards Park.

The suspects were black and in their early 20s. One is about 6'1" and the other about 5'7".



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History lesson?

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Awesome dude, fight violence with violence that'll show em! Maybe next time they'll be using guns too so you can toss a few grenades!


Assuming you don't bleed to death.

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You will spend an upwards of 100k and 2-3 years defending yourself in court. The media and politicians may crucify you too depending on the circumstances.


since when do you need to

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since when do you need to explain yourself for shooting someone who stabs you? maybe they have a good reason for stabbing you, and you should form a panel to discuss why they did it? rofl



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I don't think I'd get crucified for shooting a street robber who stabbed me.

Let's get this straight.

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A subject brandishing a knife at you within 20 ft. Meets the requirements of what we call in the Law Enforcement biz call the deadly force triangle. Therefore authorizing deadly force in self defends. No if's, and's, or but's; no lenghthy and expensive courtroom battles. You probably won't spend any time in the local police precinct either except maybe to receive an award.