Police: Officers followed footprints in the snow to capture two East Boston teens wanted for three armed holdups

Boston Police report officers fresh footprints in the snow early this morning led officers to two East Boston teens they say had just robbed a man by putting a knife to his back at Bennington and Marion streets.

Police say Thomas Hernandez Leyva, 16, and German Mejia Salmeron, 19, are also suspects in two other armed holdups in the area in the two hours before their arrests, and that both were found with their booty from those stickups.

Both were charged with two counts of armed robbery and three counts of witness intimidation, police say.

According to police, their final victim was walking shortly after midnight when:

Two unknown males approached him, stuck a hard unknown object in his back, and told him to give them his money and wallet. The victim stated he handed over his cell phone and a bottle of Gucci cologne. The victim reported the suspects fled, and the victim contacted 911. The victim described the suspects as two males, one wearing a dark blue baseball cap and black jacket and the second wearing a dark jacket. While canvassing the area, officers observed fresh footprints in the snow in a yard in the area of 202 London Street. The officer followed the footprints and observed a blue cap lying on top of the snow. The officers then observed two males fitting the suspects’ descriptions hiding behind trash barrels in the alley near 202 London Street. ...

The victim’s cell phone was recovered from the suspects, as well as two other cell phones, other electronics, a bottle of Gucci cologne, and an undisclosed amount of US currency.

arresting two East Boston teens early this morning on charges they



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Gucci Cologne?

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Was the cologne worth more than the cash stolen? Glad the cologne bandits are caught. Frickin' idiots!

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"It's a culture in decline. You people used to be conquistadors."

Execution for the 19 year old, 30 days in jail for the 16 year old.

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Gee, Will

Funny how you don't make your favorite "culture in decline" comment when the suspects aren't Hispanic.

But at least you are removing yourself from the gene pool, or so you say.

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Humans are locusts

I will not breed offspring as long as my personal net worth remains beneath one million dollars.

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You don't get bored spouting the same jejune stuff over and over.

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I can't imagine my brother saying anything remotely like that ... and he can say some pretty odd stuff on repeat and think it is funny or clever.

Perhaps that has to do with his lifelong mechanism of "screening" things with family members, friends, his wife, etc. People who will honestly tell him when that shit's gone too far but understand why that happens.

This was one of his favorite lines from the movie Sneakers - something like "you know when you asked me to tell you when you were being a jerk" ... (can't find/remember the exact quote).

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Wait a minute here.

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BPD actually named a suspect who's a juvenile?!?

All I can say it- Hooray for the police!!!!! Now perhaps we can finally apply this very logical and common sense approach to suspects in ALL crimes.

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